Fine Art Wildlife Photographer Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan’s wildlife photography focuses on the beauty of animals and the environmental changes they face. A gifted fashion photographer as well, he borrows from the narrative techniques of film/fashion storytelling and transposes them onto his animal subjects. His keen eye for motion allows him to break apart the seemingly untamable patterns of animal movement and capture striking moments that encapsulate the energy and magic of their behavior. Khan travels the globe to create stunning images. Even in the most treacherous weather, Khan’s determination to convey a sense of the conditions that these animals endure and survive is shown in his breathtaking work.

”Once we take responsibility for actions in our daily lives and stay mindful of the environment, we can slow the process of global warming. It’s my responsibility to bring forward the beauty of our world to inspire everyone to take such action.” Ejaz Khan

*A percentage of proceeds from Khan’s exhibits and sales goes to foundations that support the awareness and conservation of wildlife.

To see Khan’s fashion photography, please visit ejazkhanphotography.com

View Khan’s directorial feature film vanishingknowledge.com


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