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Beautiful photographs by Ejaz Khan Earth to use as inspiration or decoration! Prints are available upon request. Learn some fun facts about the lives of baby lions and how climate change is affecting them, at the bottom of this page.

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These baby lion pictures and baby lion decor make for beautiful baby room decor or the perfect wall hanging in a child’s room, office, or home. Our pictures of baby lion cubs and cute lion pictures were taken during our expedition to India. These unique cute baby animal pictures and pictures of baby lion cubs are available for order in a variety of sizes, print material, and also framing options to fit perfectly anywhere in your home design.

The beauty and significance of art in our society have been growing over the years. It is often that artists are conveying that only art speaks. As well as creating for the greater cause. Artists want to give back to their communities and the world as a whole. Not only are you supporting artists, but you are also doing a greater deed. Our black and white fine art photography collection of lion cub pictures gives a voice to the voiceless. We are creating awareness for cute baby lion cubs, and also of the beauty of wildlife on our earth. Find baby lion images and baby lion decor for your home from our huge series of wildlife photos. You will not feel the same energy in ordinary baby lion stock photos and pictures of baby lion cubs. If you ever ask us, show me a picture of a baby lion, we welcome all to our baby lion photography collection of cute lion pictures.


Many wildlife photographers know how challenging baby lion photography can be, especially when the mother is around. It was early morning in western India when I set out to take lion photos. We were in a truck looking for them and I was very excited. One of the locals mentioned he had seen two lionesses with six cubs the day before. I didn’t come to India to take these images, but after listening to the news from the locals, I could not wait to see them with my own eyes. When my tracker stopped the truck, I grabbed my camera in anticipation to take images. When I saw the lioness, I got off the truck and walked towards her. She was alone, but I knew the cubs and the other lioness were nearby. I followed her and soon she led me to all of them.


Lions are the second-largest member of the feline family today. These powerful cats in our cute lion images and pictures of baby lion cubs are celebrated for being the rulers of their savanna habitat. However, even the most powerful of these animals started life as cute babies who were at the complete mercy of the world around it. The world is rarely forgiving, especially when you’re small, unassuming, and defenseless. Even so, baby lions are raised diligently by their lone mothers.

These mothers have a lot to contest in their parenting. Most lionesses will have their first cubs when they are about 4 years old. They will typically leave the protection of their family to give birth alone and will hide their young for about 6 weeks. Being without the safety of pride is a huge risk to a new young mother. This is a risk she is willing to take to ensure the safety of her cubs. Her children, weighing in at only 2 to 4 pounds at birth, are completely dependent on their mother’s care. 


The little cats in our cute baby lion images and lion cub pictures are facing major risks due to climate change. One major risk is drought. Leading to malnourished prey as a result. Which is already infested with ticks or illness, as a result when they eat them they also get infected. The ticks, it turns out, carry a blood parasite that rendered them less able to cope with the canine distemper virus. The combination of the two diseases killed many more than either disease commonly would acting on its own. These droughts which ultimately lead to deadly co-infection of them are predicted to become more commonplace as the climate warms.

The number of clashes between people and also African lions could increase as temperatures rise, a new study suggests. The research shows that global warming could lead to changes in the geographical range of a disease carried by the tsetse fly as a result. Which can also be deadly to cattle. Although the overall range of the disease is likely to increase, it could vanish from parts of eastern and southeastern Africa that support large numbers of them. In turn, this could lead to cattle ranchers moving their animals into these areas bringing people and them into close proximity. Which may put herders in danger and trigger further declines in the lion population.


baby lion gestates for approximately 110 days and is born in a litter of between one and six babies. Although two to three cubs at a time are considered normal by the Predator Conservation Trust. Baby lion cubs are born blind and also helpless, away from their pride.

Shortly before the mother gives birth, she leaves the lion pride and finds a safe place to give birth. The mother and her baby lion stay in isolation for four to eight weeks or so. You can see the mother and her cub in one of our pictures of baby lions.

Young baby lion cubs are vulnerable to various predators, including leopards, jackals, pythons, martial eagles, and also hyenas (as you may have seen in Disney’s classic movie The Lion King). The mother acts as a protector by finding the best hiding places to keep the cubs safe. One of my lion images, Invisible Connection, shows the mom looking over her cub. It’s a fine art photography image that many love and appreciate.

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Lionesses hunt during the cubs’ early stages of life in order to maintain their health and milk supply. There are times the cubs will be left alone as you can see in our baby lion photos and cute lion pictures.

African lions live in groups of between one and three males, along with several females and also their cubs. Male lions in India live apart from females and their cubs.

One of the lion cub facts is that even though they are known as “King of the Jungle,” they actually live in grasslands and plains. They don’t live in the jungle! On my expedition to capture lion images and lion cub pictures, I learned that the mother lion makes it her top priority to protect the lion cubs from both male and female pride members when she introduces them to her pride. While other females can be aggressive toward the cubs, males are more likely to be a threat. Take a look at our baby lion photos and our pictures of baby lion cubs and you’ll see how gentle they can be. Each image in our baby animal wall art collection supports wildlife awareness and conservation.


Firstly, one of the greatest dangers to a baby lion is a shift in male power which can be deadly for lion cubs returning to the pride. All cubs in the group are related to each other and also other members of the pride in some way. When power shifts, the cubs will be killed as male lions prefer to have their own children in their family. The cubs are usually offspring of between one and three dominant males in the unit. Females will often nurse each others’ cubs and also defend them against threats. Eventually, males will leave the family, while most of the females will stay with the family group.

A baby lion gets the last pickings from a kill and does not begin to hunt for themselves until they reach one year of age. Due to threats from starvation, predators, and alpha males, up to 80 percent of baby lions die within the first two years as a result. Our lion photos capture their preciousness.

Baby lions are very small during the first couple of weeks of their life. They’re born blind and aren’t able to open their eyes for 2 to 3 weeks. After they open their eyes, they don’t have a proper vision for about another week, making them very vulnerable. In fact, they are so defenseless to the outside world that can even become prey to large birds and snakes. With 3 to 6 cubs in each litter, lionesses are kept very busy guarding their young. Even a lapse in judgment or surveillance for a few moments can cause the death of one of her cubs. Lion mothers devote their lives for the first few weeks of their cubs’ lives to make sure that they are safe. They have to do this to ensure that as many of them survive as possible.

Even after returning with her cubs to the pride, lionesses can still face danger from male lions. If the dominant male of one pride is unable to defend his family, competing males can try to take over the rest. If successful, they make arrangements for the females to breed again by killing off any existing cubs in the pride. Mother Nature may be hard on a lion cub early in life, but those that survive grow to be powerful carnivores. They owe it to their protective mothers that against all odds, raise them to be independent cats that will do the same for their cubs.

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I wasn’t sure if I should go back to the truck or stay there and also hold my ground. The lionesses turned their faces away from me so I started to walk in the opposite direction. I was relieved but also disappointed. A decision had to be made: follow them or go back to the truck. I decided to continue trying to capture the lion cub photos even though they had their backs turned to me. When I laid down on the ground to get a better perspective, one of the little ones turned around and ran towards me. I got so lucky with that fine art photography image. If I had decided to quit just a few minutes earlier, my luck would have quit with me.

I’m so lucky to capture these lion cub photos and videos with my camera to share with you in our photo art gallery. Our exclusive fine art prints are more vivid and filled with energy that you can not find in baby lion stock photos. Now when people ask “show me a picture of a baby lion,” invite them to our gallery.


Q: What do baby lions eat?

A: A lion cub doesn’t begin to hunt for themselves until they are a year old. Threats from starvation, predators, and alpha males, up to 80% of the babies die within their first few years as a result.

Q: What is a baby lion called?

A: The offspring of lions are called cubs.

Q: Where can I buy copies of these images?

A: Black and white photos of a baby lion can be purchased directly on our website by request. We offer five different size options for our fine art photo prints. Contact us today for price quotes and also shipping details.

Q: Are they endangered?

A: The lion cub is not listed as endangered everywhere, however, they are known as a vulnerable population. They are one step above the endangered classification.

Q: How big is a lion paw?

A: Their claws can reach up to 1.5 inches.


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