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This magnificent giant is the national animal of America. I’ve had the opportunity to photograph them at Yellowstone. Below are the photos from that expedition. At the bottom of the page, you will see more information about the bison and how climate change affects them.

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Framed Bison images in home


Bison pictures and bison wall art can make for stunning decor in your home, office, and also establishments. They are available to order in a variety of sizes, print materials, and also framing options. Including black and white art prints. More information on our prints, bison pictures for sale, and also fine art photography can be found by clicking on the images above. Decorating your home can be an exciting yet also scary endeavor. Selecting between the different embellishments, wall hanging decor,  bison photography prints for sale, and other adornments can be dizzying. We offer an exclusive collection of pictures of bison that is not found in regular bison stock photos.

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The bison in our bison black and white images and bison wall art is a fascinating animal – no wonder it is America’s national Animal as a result. For thousands of years, the large mammals in our picture of a bison and a buffalo were ubiquitous across North America. From Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and also from the Pacific to the Atlantic Seaboard, the bison roamed in great herds. My bison photography and black and white bison pictures capture their majesty and also their iconic stature. These giants who frequently tip the scales at one ton are capable of astonishing speeds – up to 40 MPH!


Firstly, as a fashion photographer, I pay for my models. As a wildlife photographer, I cannot pay the animals in my black and white bison image or bison photography prints for sale. So I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations such as the Wolf Conservation Center, California Wolf Center, and World Animal Protection. Most importantly, a portion of the sale from each bison image, bison wall art, and also our animal photo prints are donated to these organizations. So when you buy fine art photography from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only do you have an inspiring photo for your wall, bison wall art, and pictures of bison, but you will also be directly contributing to the well-being of the animal. My fine art photos are a powerful addition to your home decor and will delight your guests – particularly fine art photo aficionados.

Photograph art of buffalo photos shot in Yellowstone National Park, Montana, USA.

Firstly, I will never forget capturing these black and white bison images. I’ve traveled the world seeking pictures of bison and seen many incredible sights. But this expedition was truly remarkable and it produced bison photos and bison pictures for sale that are equally remarkable. Their speed and also their unpredictability, juxtaposed with their massive size, creates a romantic flair. This romanticism also contrasts nicely against the rugged features of Yellowstone National Park. The bison’s social nature, their affinity for dust and snow alike, and their overall majesty make them wonderful creatures to photograph. I’m proud of my bison photography and my bison pictures for sale. I hope you’ll enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating pictures of bison and black and white photography for sale.


As I traveled to take bison photography, I learned more about this majestic animal. In the United States, Yellowstone National Park is the only place where bison are seen in large numbers – as captured in my bison photography prints for sale and black and white art prints for instance. CLIMATE CHANGE has drastically impacted their habitat and created hotter summers, higher rainfall, and also reduced snowfall. This directly impacts their food sources and also harms their development. We have compared black and white art photos from 1965 and also observed a significant reduction in size over the past 50 years. The fossil record also confirms its size reduction over the years.

What’s more, climate change often leads to wildfires – which is an even bigger threat for all wildlife.


Bison images and videos by Ejaz Khan is a New York-based wildlife photographer, filmmaker, and conservationist. Enjoy the rest of our exclusive wildlife collections that you can not find in regular bison stock photos.


Q: What are bison?

A: The bison is also known as the American bison, American buffalo, or simply buffalo. Primarily living in North America. As seen in our buffalo images above, they are large, even-toed ungulates in the genus bison within the subfamily Bovinae.

Q: What do bison eat?

A: Bison are herbivores, feeding on the grasses throughout prairie lands for instance.

Q: Where can I buy a bison image?

A: Our black and white Bison images were taken in Wyoming. Each photo is part of a fine art photography limited edition series. You can contact us today for size and also price information. Black and white art prints are also available!

Q: Is the bison an American symbol?

A: In May of 2016, former President Barack Obama officially named the American bison the national mammal by signing the National Bison Legacy Act as a result.

Q. How large do bison grow?

A: Huge! Males can weigh up to 2,000 pounds while females weigh around 1,000 pounds. The bison is the largest land mammal found in North America.

Q. How do bison stay warm in the snow?

A: Bison have thick layers of fat, thick skin, and also thick fur – which keeps them warm and healthy throughout the winter.

Q: Where to buy bison photography?

A: Each bison image is one of kind fine art printed on high-quality paper. The bison photos show their strength and endurance in their snow-covered habitat. Simply contact us for pricing about your favorite print on our online art gallery.


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