Early morning. Svalbard. The wind was blowing 65 miles per hour. We rode to the seed vault on our snowmobile. I was hoping to get closer to the vault but due to the maintenance work, we were not allowed to get close. It’s saddening to know that 2 years ago, climate change caused the permafrost to melt causing water damage in the building.

Later, we rode to the oceanside to find the Arctic Fox. I had never experienced such high winds in -20 degrees, my snowmobile was pulled on one side due to the wind making the ride extremely uncomfortable. When we spotted these reindeer, we stopped. I just didn’t feel like getting down and putting my camera together in that much wind.

My tracker pulled over next to me and asked me to wait while he went to track the Arctic Fox. After he left, I soon realized my snowmobile was stuck on Ice and I couldn’t do much. Frustrated, I got off and put my camera together and started photographing these reindeer. At first, I couldn’t see the possibility of achieving a good image of a reindeer. I was just passing time while waiting for my tracker to come back with the Arctic Fox information. After I focused, I was determined to photograph the reindeer image. Magic happened and I got lucky with this one.

It’s true, where your focus goes, the energy flows.

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