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Humans and horses have co-existed since the beginning of time in an interdependent relationship. The domestication of horses allowed humans to speed up productivity at every level and horses became a crucial element in the advancement of our civilization, opening the door for horse photo art, wild horse pictures and fine art horse photography. Above and beyond just their utilitarian nature, humans fell in love with the innate strength, beauty, and also immense power that horses possess. This love translated into the need to creatively depict horses and fine art photography prints for sale as well as horse images as an irreplaceable part of the community and also the home, eventually leading to black and white horse pictures and the best horse pictures, as well as wild horse pictures Horse illustrations appear in caves, and eventually, following the camera revolution lead to fine art black and white photography, as horse pictures; later color became a staple statement for fine art photography prints for sale on our walls as well. The coexistence was immortalized and a market arose of horse images, horse photo art, and horse pictures for sale. Studies show that when we surround ourselves with visuals of the people or things we love, home interior horse pictures and fine art horse photography give the vibration echo to the room which resonates within us too. In another study, it shows that 8 out of 10 people love horses; creating a market of horse pictures for sale and fine art photography prints for sale so it’s no surprise that we like to surround ourselves with horse imagery and home interior horse pictures as well as wild horse pictures, be it in whatever variety, color, or black and white.  There are so many horse stock photos online and horse photos for sale that one can spend days enjoying beautiful horses, and endless photos of horses, along with so many horse pictures for sale. Take a look at our TOP 10 best-selling horse photography for sale.


When we love horses and want to express our unique personality through them, we must select amazing horse wall art and fine art photography prints for sale that speaks to us, and also more importantly, to our soul. Therefore, the key to choosing the perfect horse wall art is listening to what the picture makes you feel, as interrupted in our horse photography prints.Is it images of horses, white horse photography, or simply black and white horse pictures? Each picture is like an individual personality: they can be loud or soft, sad or happy, solitary, or busy.  It is more an intuitive pursuit than an intellectual one for choosing home interior horse pictures and fine art horse photography. The black and white horse art you truly love will allow you to express yourself without speaking. People will know who you are by looking at the wall art you display in your home or office. So it may take time to select the right horse photography images for you, in our horse photography gallery photo art, horse fine art, or horse prints , but when you do it should be a reflection of you!

Our black and white pictures of horses and fine white horse photography capture their graceful movement and majestic presence intrinsic to the black and white horse. We create all our horse pictures on metallic paper, a technique that brings it further to life with a 3-dimensional realistic look thus enhancing horse pictures for sale and our fine art horse photography. They can also be printed as large as life-size! Being in the presence of this horse wall art every day will make you feel positive, energized, and also create the right kind of vibes in your home. They are also a Limited Edition of 30 exclusive prints making it even more enviable. Take a look at our black and white wall art gallery for home decor inspiration.


Black and white horse images, white horse photography, and contemporary wall art photography go hand in hand. Contemporary wall art like our mustang horse photos is such a popular term nowadays that people tend to use it without understanding its meaning. In essence, we create original horse photo art, fine art horse photography, and horse pictures for sale. In the world of images, photos, and art there are technical terms that mean different things. Contemporary art is simply art that has not had the time to age or get classified. Horse photography for sale is alive right now because the artists who create it are as well. It’s electric because it is in motion, continuously evolving. You won’t feel the same energy when looking at ordinary horse stock photos compared to the fine detail in our images of horses, so look carefully at horse photography prints and horse photos for sale. You have a very personal reaction to contemporary art because no one has identified the structure it will evolve into. Therefore, choosing and putting contemporary wall art like our horse photography for sale in your home or office comes from instinct, and how its presence compliments the rest of the room’s ambiance. Our photos of horses truly make a bold statement, and you can view them in our horse photography gallery.

Horse prints are a brilliant choice when it comes to black and white contemporary art. You might be interested in large horse wall art because you’re fond of them, or just appreciate vibrant photography. There are horse prints that can cater to any mood. Whether it’s for your home or your office these prints bring an element of relaxation and cheerfulness to whatever room they’re in. The right art can bring peace to any room, and what place needs it more than your home, particularly when shopping for horse photos for sale. 


From classic rock and roll to elegant poetry, horses are being praised and celebrated thus creating an endless array of fine art horse photography and horse pictures for sale. While they have retired from utilitarian purposes years ago, today they are still highly regarded as cultural icons, symbolizing power, an image of freedom, and the American spirit, which you can view in our horse photography gallery. There are many black and white horse stock photos, white horse images, and vector images online that capture their beauty and some of the best horse pictures.

We honor their beauty as shown in our black and white up-close horse head photos and admire their strength in the more fluid photos showcasing power and elegance, as well as our horse photography prints. We should treat these beautiful animals well and also celebrate all that they have given us. Our horse photography for sale make for amazing Christmas gifts, enjoy our specially curated holiday collection at https://ejazkhanearth.com/the-perfect-christmas-present/


Is it true that a photograph speaks a thousand words? Old black and white horse photography prints too can speak of the long co-dependent relationship between humans and horses as witnessed in countless photos of horses. As humans evolved, the horse has been with us shoulder to shoulder as a building block for humanity. The horse helped with transportation, farming, war, sports – you name it. It has been so intertwined with a human civilization that we even measure the power of the engine based on its strength – horsepower! Our fine art black and white horse art pictures and our horse images display just that – their great power and majesty and some of the best horse pictures. Horse stock photos and horse photography prints are one of the most popular wildlife genres online featuring the black and white horse.


The causes of climate change can be debated. But there’s no argument that climate change affects animals just as critically. Understanding how will help you better protect your pets. You can keep your horse safe if you know what the climate shift does to your horse. It becomes your job to be better prepared and keep your horses safe and comfortable in new weather conditions. In certain regions of the world, scientists have tracking technologies to keep records of different breeds of horses. This information is so valuable to preserve and protect the equine species.


It is the wild horses that suffer most along with all the other wild animals. Unlike humans, they can’t put on a winter jacket or a pair of shorts when it’s too cold or too hot. Their bodies have an internal clock that allows them to grow and shed fur according to the climate they have known in the past. This cannot evolve as fast as climate change is occurring.

It is our job to do everything possible in our daily lives to slow down climate change. That could mean using fewer paper goods or not using plastic at all. We must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing fossil fuel use and other pollution that contributes to climate change. Horses on the other hand in fact aid the climate! Unlike many domesticated herbivores, horses have sharp incisors, which clip grass only at the tips, leaving the rest of the plant intact. This grazing preserves grass cover and prevents soil erosion. Cattle are more damaging grazers. Horses have less aggressive digestive systems. The plant matter they consume is not broken down as much as it is in the stomachs of cattle. Horse manure contains seeds with high nitrogen content that further aids in fertilizing soil.

Conservation: Our Horse Photography Creates Awareness.

I have learned how our wild horses are being treated in America. We must take action to help these beautiful animals. As a fashion photographer, I pay the models when I shoot an editorial. As a wildlife photographer, I cannot pay the animals in our equine pictures. So to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations, while creating fine art black and white photography for sale, such as The Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection. A part of all equine photography print sales and horse photos for sale goes to one of these organizations for them to do what they do best. Many species of wildlife are in great danger, being well educated in this field is very important to their survival. As tracking technologies become more accessible, researchers can locate and help maintain certain populations. So when you buy horse images, fine art horse photography, as well as art prints of any size from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping these animals. We welcome you to invite your friends, family, and fellow equine lovers to enjoy our black and white images of home interior horse pictures on view in our horse photography gallery that are also available in gorgeous color.


Horses are fabulous subjects for fine art photography and to create horse photography for sale. One can capture their social interactions, movements, playfulness, and also winding down moments. A black and white horse photograph of stallions and wild horses along with our horse photography prints are one of my biggest inspirations as a photographer for creating fine art black and white photography for sale and white horse images. I especially love capturing images of black and white horses running through water and snow. My team and I are always exploring innovative ways of taking photos from angles never seen before. We update our online gallery to keep it fresh. It’s simple to buy art photography through our site, contact us for all details. You are able to choose your desired size and are available unframed or face-mounted on clear plexiglass. Whichever style of image you choose, you will love the results. We shoot in North Dakota, Wyoming, Norway, North Carolina, and France. The warm France weather reminds me of my time in Chile to take mountain lion photos. Sometimes it might be difficult to travel abroad because of the language barriers, but English is commonly spoken in a few regions which help in my searches for beautiful animals. Almost anyone you ask would agree that horses are stunningly beautiful animals. Beauty is of course subjective to each individual person, but most domesticated horses were bred to enhance their appearances and performance as well. Framed horse prints from around the world depict the inherent majesty of these animals. Usually seen to have proud stances, flowing manes, and large eyes, horses are pretty ornamental creatures. People have been drawn to horses for their looks and functionality. Initially domesticated to carry out farm labor and aid in transportation, horses have been a favorite of humans for centuries. Black and white horse pictures show that even in the past, we loved to decorate our lives with images of these animals.


Firstly, equine photography is no magic trick. When you see videos and large horse wall art and videos, you can see how fast they can run, so the results of your horse images depend on your keen eyes. Tracking technologies in cameras are a great help to keep in focus. Everyone can take a decent black and white horse picture. But the key to taking good horse photographs is to spend time understanding the horse’s behavior. These tips will help those who create traditional as well as digital fine art. Interested in wanting to buy art photography that goes beyond generic horse stock photos? These tips will also help to find the horse images for your home.


All animals get a very good sense of energy. So if we are not comfortable around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way. Do your best to be comfortable. Stay calm when taking wild horses’ black and white photography. Horse images come out best with this mindset.


Treat the horse as you would a close friend. Make them comfortable around your camera equipment before you start taking pictures.


Hold the camera and lens in your hands. Press the shutter button a few times to get the horse familiar with the sound. If the horse does not like the sound, walk away, and also start from a far distance. Let it get used to the sound and then approach it. Each black and white horse picture in my collection is about capturing raw emotion. Go and explore and see what amazing horse images you can create.


When I started white horse photography in Camargue, I was taking images for fun and pleasure. You can see the videos HERE. I spent more time understanding the horse’s behavior. The more I learned about the horse, the better my photographs got as a result. Combine these tips with a bit of patience, and you will be amazed by the equine photography you achieve. Remember – if a horse picture is your goal, then it’s your job to make your subject very comfortable. Most importantly, I cannot overemphasize the importance of patience. You cannot get great photographs of a horse in one sitting. The more time you spend with it, the more friendly it gets with you. And once the horse lets you into its world, magic happens.

Personally, I’ve found that when taking beautiful horse pictures, more than half of the battle is in getting close enough to the animals. Putting yourself as close to them as possible can make a huge difference when you can preserve that moment as a  framed horse print for your walls. The intimate details that can’t be appreciated in smaller formats, like art magazines, are brought to life through large horse wall art. However, you need to be able to read their body language and predict their behavior as well. At the end of the day, you can only step back and leave it up to Mother Nature to finish her work.

Taking lots of photographs won’t guarantee that you’ll come out with stunning horse prints. It takes experience to know that being patient and sensing when the moment is right will pay off. Be it black and white horse pictures for your own home or framed horse prints for a world art gallery, refining your craft takes time.

Set on your adventure with our best tips for taking beautiful Horse Photography. We can’t wait to see your images photos. Happy Shooting!

There are so many beautiful horses in our world. Each horse breed is majestic and so graceful. These awe-inspiring creatures make lovely subjects for photographers. We hope you enjoyed these top tips for taking horse images!


As you can see through our fine art horse photography, horses are my most favorite subjects. After meeting with many horse lovers, riders, owners, here is a list of  TOP 10 reasons why horses make the best pets!

1. Reducing stress

All pets from dogs to cats and also fish to birds can reduce our stress by merely being in their presence. Being around horses gives one a peaceful state of mind as they are very tranquil. Roaming around nature with ease, they teach us to slow things down. Even looking at horse images can reduce your stress. We must enjoy what mother nature has provided us and not take it for granted.

2. Fun to be with

Horses are enjoyable animals, especially the Camargue horses I have photographed. They have so much playful energy and stamina. Every horse has its personality and characteristics that you will love.

3. Lifespan

The lifespan of horses is longer than most pets. It is about 25-30 years, which means that you have a significant amount of time to develop a deep connection and a special bond. Having a horse as a pet is a huge commitment that demonstrates your real character and also development as a person.

4. Beauty

Horses have immense beauty and also elegance. Their stature, poses, and also graceful movements all leave us mesmerized. From their display in movies, literature, and also art, they are a symbol of strength and courage throughout the world.

5. Intelligence

Horses are known to be four to seven times faster learners than humans. They need to be quick learners because they are prey animals, and they are very intuitive.

6. Emotional support

Researchers in the field of equine studies have shown that horses can also recognize human emotions. Just like dogs, horses will provide comfort and also act more playful if they see you being sad or troubled.

7. Staying fit

Firstly, if you love the outdoors, horses are great for exploring nature. Breathing fresh air and getting the right amount of sun does wonders for the body and also the mind. Having a horse as your companion during outdoor adventures like horse riding and hiking is a great way to keep fit and healthy.

8. Coping with illness

Being around one can provide physical and also mental benefits. Most importantly, people struggling with Alzheimer’s find it therapeutic to be around horses. Equine therapy helps them find calmness, and it also eases the frustration that comes from living with Alzheimer’s. Research from Ohio State University finds that therapy helps lift patients’ moods and behavior.

9. Caretaking

It might seem hard to believe, but horses are easy to look after. Yes, it is a big commitment, but providing food and shelter is very straight forward. Several ranches around the country allow you to visit, ride, and also pet horses. You don’t have to spend too much time if you are not ready to own one at the moment.

10. Long history

Throughout mythology and also ancient tales, horses have played massive roles. They inspired countless stories of both gentleness, power, and triumph. Horses have a long history of coexisting with humans for centuries. From Kings to Queens and also villages to kingdoms, horses have been companions and instrumental in shaping the most critical eras of human civilization.

We hope these top 10 reasons why horses make the best pets have provided you a better understanding of how much of an impact horse can also make in your life. In life, our journeys are filled with nature and also wildlife. It’s our passion and also the privilege of being this forward and also our fine art photography for everyone to experience.

nokota baby horse running photography
The Nokota horse was an almost extinct rare breed of wild horse that originated in the rugged Little Missouri badlands of North Dakota.  These feral horses are descendants of local Native American Ponies, Thoroughbreds, Colonial Spanish horses, draft and harness bred horses from the 19th century…READ MORE ABOUT NOKOTA HORSES
Enchanting at sight, a roan horse has been admired by equine enthusiasts for centuries. Defined by their remarkable coats, this stallion truly makes a statement with its presence. A roan horse is highly regarded for its rare color genetics and stunning beauty…READ MORE ABOUT BLUE ROAN HORSES
The term “roan” refers to animals whose coat is a mélange of white and colored hairs. When this occurs, it is referred to as coat color genetics.  A genuine roan has a distinct “allele” gene inherited by one parent. During the winter their coats darken, and in the summer, they become lighter…READ MORE ABOUT ROAN HORSES

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” – Winston Churchill

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Q: How to take beautiful black and white horse photography?

A: All animals get a very good sense of our energy. So if we are not comfortable around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way. Treat the horse as you would a close friend – be friendly. Make it comfortable around your camera equipment before taking horse art photographs.

Q: Where can I buy black and white fine art photography online?

A: Our wide fine art collection of black and white wildlife images come in a number of sizes for your home or office. You can speak with our art consultant to learn more about choosing a black and white horse for your home. We also offer stunning pictures in color that you won’t find anywhere else. Search for your desired size that will fit perfectly in your home.

Q: Where can I buy art in NYC?

A: Our head office is in the heart of New York City. New York is well known for its amazing art scene and creative minds. You can find so many sorts of great art. All of our fine art photos are printed with the highest quality of paper and certified by the artist.

Q: What to buy someone who loves horses?

A: You can find amazing black and white horse paintings online but the energy that a black and white horse photo is like no other. Our equine photography display inspirational moments in nature making it the perfect gift.

Q: Which is better, black and white horse canvas art or fine art photography?

A: Foremost, your decision should be on taste and connection. But there are some differences to consider. A canvas print can be a lighter piece but it typically has a flat look to it. A print on metallic paper allows the photograph to come to life by its vibrant and shiny surface. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!