Ejaz goes to France to photograph majestic horses

Ejaz takes a trip to Camargue, France where he captures photographs of the horses of Camargue. Ejaz is a wildlife photographer based in New York City. Although his focus is wildlife and nature he has a previous background in fashion photography where he has done work with Vogue. Using the same technique of capturing the subject in the fashion industry, Ejaz uses in his wildlife photos. Whether it’s traveling to the North Pole, Norway, France or other places that are the homes of these animals, Ejaz believes every animal has a story to tell with their emotions. He sits patiently in order to capture their emotions through the camera lens. Even in the most treacherous weather conditions, Ejaz’s determination to present the Earth with breathtaking aesthetics shows in his works.

Black & white horse photos and fine art wall prints.

View black and white horse photography by Ejaz during this trip. These photographs make for ideal decor, like bedroom wall art, dining room wall art, office, or establishment. They are available to order in a variety of sizes, print material, and framing options. A percentage of the sale of these prints is donated to these organizations. So when you buy photography from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only do you have an inspiring photo of some of nature’s finest creatures on your walls, but you will also be helping them.


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