Decorating your home can be an exciting yet scary endeavor. Selecting between the different embellishments, wall art, and other adornments can be dizzying. Use our in homes gallery & wall art blog at the bottom as inspiration for your home, office, or business decor.

Living Room Wall Art

You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate just how much beauty there is in the animal kingdom. For many people, this beauty is worth preserving, either through film, art, television, or photos. For many more people, this beauty is worthy of decorating their homes. If you have ever been enamored by the scenes of a wildlife documentary, a photograph, or appreciated the raw beauty of animals in the wild you may be one of these people. Art always doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase, on museum-grade canvas, in a wood frame, an elaborate style, or from a popular artist. You can design your home with art and beautiful living room wall art as well as wolf wall art that simply gives thanks to you and lets you feature things that make you happy.

Black and White Animal Fine Art Photography

Do you remember watching old black and white movies when you were younger? Those movies showed the world in a different light, one where color was removed. Still, we cherish that cinematography as much as that of modern films. This color palette lent a timeless look that we still celebrate today through black and white wall art. It’s a style that has never gone out of style and likely never will. Black and white art and living room wall art decor hooks the viewer and almost designs a room for you. Even without an interior designer, you can choose art for yourself with some guidance. While there isn’t a perfect book, email, coupon, or analytics that can tell you what art to pick, there are plenty of resources such as wolf wall art to help you along the way.

Why Black and White?

When buying a piece of art or shopping for living room wall art you are investing not only money but also your taste and preferences. A large elegant art print with the best inks or living room wall art decor can be the perfect item to add to your home and maybe be a part of it for years. This reason makes black and white wall art so attractive to prospective art buyers. The touch of sophistication and style of black and white art will remain untouched as time goes on.

There’s nothing quite like the style and simplicity of black and white wall art or beautiful living room wall art. Soothing colors and tones of nature can maintain the serenity of your home. A black and white picture frames a calm environment wherever it is placed. The muted color palette puts the focus back on the subject and doesn’t draw your attention to it.
When it comes to wall decor ideas and shopping living room wall art, black and white wall art is a versatile option. One of the big advantages of this kind of photography is that the colors of the art don’t compete with those of the room a bit. You have the freedom to shop for the rest of the spaces without being shackled to a color scheme. You can focus on the imagery itself and back to the subject being portrayed such as wolf wall art.


What Should Your Living Room Wall Decor Make You Feel

The living room is where many of us spend our time in the home and really experience our lives in privacy. Everyone has memories of lounging in the living room watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid or unwinding on the couch or sofa after work as an adult. This room is usually the centerpiece of any home and often the most intimidating to shop for. After all, it is the room in your home with the most visitors and has the most heart. You only have one chance to make a good first impression by shopping for living room wall art.

You can shop for living room wall art and beautiful living room art decor to feel content or motivate you to power through your day.  Living rooms can be very different rooms compared to your dining room, bathroom, or bedroom. These four walls are typically locations of life, energy, and personality array. Pieces that mirror and radiate these help to establish such qualities and can have an impact on your mood. Pieces portraying action, movement, or bold shapes such as wolf wall art are great ways to account for these settings. Living room wall art offers just this and it’s no surprise that many people love the energy it brings. 

The living room is also the room that usually displays the passions and personalities of the people of the house. It’s a sign of who you are. Since the living room is such a melting pot and a central location it’s usually adorned with accessories that the people in the house love. These can be photos of family, wildlife photography, paintings, wallpaper, and other prints. Design this room with décor and an artist within your budget that makes you feel connected with your home. We often want to share our passions with those who we invite into our homes, and living room décor and shopping for living room wall art is a great way to do this.

How to Decorate the Living Room

While it can be tempting to play it safe with this room, it is important to go for whatever excites your creativity the most. Wasting this great space on art that doesn’t connect with you is a lost opportunity for a great conversation starter and for beautiful living room wall art. Forget coffee table books, boring prints, or art on display to please others. Instead, take the time to seriously shop for potential art ideas for your living room and enjoy the experience.

The daunting challenge of selecting interiors for your living room is that the room tends to be rather large, especially compared to other rooms in the house, and for wolf wall art or beautiful living room wall art. The bigger empty walls can be more difficult to fill, especially with the added expectation of that art being the centerpiece of the house. However, there are a few ways to break this down so that you can select the wall décor that works best for your home. We all want deals but when we want quality, we can be more open to new ideas.

Single Statement Pieces

For those of us that prefer bold statements, an oversized piece of art can be a simple embellishment for any living room arrangement and beautiful living room wall art. The most obvious advantage of going for one large piece of wall decor over multiple smaller ones is that you only need to coordinate it with the furniture you place in front. If you have a modern or country aesthetic, you simply need to account for that with one piece of art. There is no other art that it could be fighting with or overpowering. You can invest your time and money in one piece of beautiful living room wall art that may have more of a wow factor due to its sheer size alone. Additionally, investing in a singular statement piece for the living room can give you a starting point to build the rest of the room around. It should be noted that negative space isn’t always a bad thing, and if used effectively can really help your art pop.


If you’d like more flexibility or simply can’t choose just one piece of wall decor, you might consider putting together a photo wall for the best results of beautiful living room wall art. After all, large art can get to be quite expensive and difficult to transport and hang up. You can opt for smaller artwork that can be arranged as a collage or group. It can be fun to stick to a theme and incorporate that into the living room decor. You can play with certain colors, components of nature, or styles. For example, wildlife photography can be paired with natural landscapes or you could build a gallery of portraits. You can really experiment with any texture and proportions here. 

An easy rule of thumb is to hang up two or three pieces in a gallery that complement each other and flow together. Separate them by 2 inches or more to create a break between them. Feel free to space them out even further if you have a larger wall space to fill, but keep the spacing uniform. Additionally, be sure that the collection is in the center of the wall for beautiful living room wall art

Hanging Art

An easy way to ensure that your art catches the eyes of anyone who enters the room is to simply keep the art at eye level. This makes it so that the viewer doesn’t have to look around much to take in the art. Artists have great pride in their art, we should carry that pride in our homes. Given the height of the average adult, you should hang the art roughly 60 inches off the floor, but can be adjusted based on how big the piece is. Additionally, if the art is going above furniture, top of a mantle, or fireplace, it is best to leave 6 to 9 inches of paces between them to better show off the beautiful living room wall art. It should be easy to hang art but it must be done properly to secure it well, better to use brackets or panels for security.

What Kind of Art Prints

Living rooms are often areas of life, energy, and personality so artwork that mirrors and radiates these helps to establish such qualities. Images portraying action, movement, or bold shapes are great ways to achieve this. Contrasting themes, like hanging contemporary wall art in a traditional living room, can be a great way to create interest in the space as well as proudly exhibiting beautiful living room wall art.

In Conclusion

The living room is a room of such interest for good reason, and as a result, deserves some attention. Investing some time into deciding what you want to show off in your living will make it much easier to coordinate all the decor. Most importantly, it’s important not to take it too seriously. The goal at the end of the day is to create a space that you enjoy and the only opinion that matters, in the end, is yours. 

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Wall Art Home Decor FAQ

Q: How does black and white wildlife photography blend with different colors rooms?

A: Since it’s the end of two spectrums every color in the middle blends very well, black and white just enhances all colors.

Custom Wall Art Size and Finish Options

• 23H x 35W inches

• 33H x 49W inches

• 43H x 64W inches

Wall Art Photographed by Ejaz Khan

Ejaz Khan is a New York-based wildlife photographer, filmmaker, and conservationist. If you are interested in purchasing one of our for your wall space, please send us your email address for size and price details. Each print is part of a limited edition and signed by the artist. All orders are print to order, allow 2-3 weeks for your items to be delivered based on your region. Visit our BLOG page for design tips, alternative plastic products, and more wildlife trip stories. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, what sort of art excites you?