The pictures of arctic wolves are very rare and look premium on your wall. Wolves have been depicted in art for centuries. One of the most prominent wolves in human culture is the famous bronze Capitoline Wolf statue. Arctic Wolf pictures and black and white wolf pictures create an environment of hope and hardworking in your space.


Arctic wolves inhabit the Arctic regions of North America and Greenland but are referred to as polar wolves or white wolves. Despite the sheer beauty of these animals, they are incredibly difficult to photograph. They survive in frigid Arctic temperatures.

Anyone who has ever seen an arctic wolf can attest to their beauty, whether in print or person. This is what draws so many photographers to try and capture arctic wolf pictures. There truly is something majestic about these canines that pulls so many people to them. Countless stories, fables, and myths have depicted these animals as courageous and fearsome creatures. While their real-life counterparts aren’t magical creatures in a literal sense, those who have interacted with them may say otherwise.

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Creating harmony between the elements in your home can seem daunting using pictures of arctic wolves and arctic wolf fine art photography. Understandably, selecting between different arctic wolf pictures for your home can be dizzying. After all, simply walking into the other rooms of a home can speak volumes about the person who put them together. Their passions, struggles, stories, and personalities are all on display through the images that decorate their living spaces with a picture of a white Arctic wolf or polar wolf.

We’re happy to share these stories and offer these exclusive arctic wolf pictures. In addition to the other pieces in our contemporary art gallery, these prints make wonderful additions to any home. The photographs truly do come to life are displayed on acrylic plexiglass during our fine art exhibits. Let Ejaz Khan fine art photography inspire your home wall art decor.


The quest for arctic wolf pictures can challenge any wildlife photographer. Even the most seasoned veteran photographer can attest to the difficulty of capturing pictures of wolves. This adventure of a lifetime can take a lot of planning, time, and simply the favor of Lady Luck herself. Additionally, a well-trained guide can do wonders to make this endeavor easier and faster. After all, having someone who knows the habits and patterns of the animals and the land can help locate them faster than trial and error. 

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My passion for images of wolves and arctic wolf portraits has constantly been pushing the boundaries when seeking the Arctic wolf. I wanted to make the envelope beyond that to the rugged terrain of the icy arctic snow to Grise Fiord for black and white arctic wolf pictures and the best wolf pictures for your home decor. The desolate location found me sitting in a tiny six-seater aircraft, which took three days.

The tiny aircraft was forced to land in a blizzard to shoot arctic wolf pics and fine art photography prints for sale. A panic attack got me. I broke into cold sweat despite the sub-Arctic temperatures. When I reached Grise Fiord, I met Raymond, my wolf tracker, hoping to capture images of wolves, arctic wolf portraits, and the best wolf pictures possible! On an 8-hour snowmobile ride, we left town to capture wolf images and the best wolf pictures for your home decor.

Pictures of arctic wolves walking in snow wildlife wall art
Wolf’s Pictures in Home


We pitched our tent at -56 F, which became our home for the next 9 days hoping to shoot white wolf or polar wolf pictures. The arctic could just as well have been the land of the midnight sun since the daylight shone even up to midnight on a clear night. Since we were two of us on a snowmobile, there was a weight restriction & so we carried limited supplies. We awoke the following day to search for wildlife to eat for the next 9 days while seeking the arctic wolf.

Pictures of wolves standing together


It was such an eye-opening experience to find and photograph arctic wolf images. We dedicate our lives to this art form of shooting arctic wolf pictures for fine art photography prints.

Sitting in mounds of snow for hours waiting to take pictures of white wolves in total isolation brings home the stark reality of who you are and how little a human being is amongst God’s Creations. The pursuit of getting wolf picture art for arctic wolf decor is not easy.


Photographing in the arctic presents its challenges. Namely, the lack of cover to hide oneself behind and the bitter cold. Most photographers can get relatively close to these animals or watch them through binoculars. Unfortunately, not many can get too close, especially without the added camouflage of a cover. The added cold, which can reach -56 °F, makes it difficult for anyone to endure waiting for these timid creatures to show.

Once the snowmobile was packed and heading to town 8 hours away, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks. The elusive arctic wolf appeared on the horizon. Almost to bid me goodbye, as I was giving up my expedition of arctic wolf images for wolf decor. What’s your favorite arctic wolf picture from Ejaz Khan fine art photography?


Divine intervention or poetic justice, this find was the highlight of a week of adversity and terrifying loneliness in our attempt to get arctic wolf pics. Waiting to take pictures of arctic wolves for wolf decor was taking a toll. There are times that one marvels at the magnificence of a solitary existence. This was one of those times. I have been so fortunate to learn to make myself one with my nature and surroundings to capture these pictures of arctic wolf and arctic wolf art images.

See our short film on how we took pictures of the arctic wolf.


These pictures of wolves are some of my favorite animal pictures that I have photographed. I have constantly challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone while creating arctic wolf pictures art.

This collection of arctic wolf images and wolf pictures for sale proves it. Traveling to isolated places where wildlife has never interacted with humans. My passion is being miles away from human contact to create art. Each new destination I visit becomes more prominent and exciting than the last.

I love being in extreme weather conditions like the creatures in my arctic wolf photography to capture black and white wolf pictures. Feeling the cold throughout my skin is a thrill and motivation always to keep taking polar or arctic wolf images.


The overall numbers of these animals have also been cut down due to human advancements. Deliberate interference from humans has reduced these animals’ habitat to about a third of what it was originally. Most of this comes from fear of arctic wolfs preying on livestock and attacking humans, which are rare. Much deforestation takes place to make room for cattle farming. This encroaches onto the natural woodland habitat of the arctic wolves, pushing their territories to be smaller and smaller.

arctic wolf picture on wall

Wolves being pushed out from their homes deep within the woods has also put them in the sight of poaching. The many years of hunting have mostly wiped these carnivores out of most Western Europe, in Mexico and the United States. Today, wolves are confined to a few remote parts of  Canada, Alaska, the northern United States, Europe, and Asia. There are only about 4,000 wolves in Alberta and about 8,000 wolves in British Columbia. 

Ejaz Khan fine art photography is all about creating awareness for these amazing wolves and wildlife. Which pictures of an arctic wolf are your favorite? The arctic wolf or white wolf pictures?


How many arctic wolves are left in the world in 2020?

There are about 200,000 arctic wolves left, according to the 2020 report.

Where do arctic wolves live?

Arctic wolves are native to Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands, from Melville Island to Ellesmere Island.

How big is the Arctic wolf?

The adult arctic wolf is 3.9 – 6.6 ft. in length and weighs about 66 – 180 lbs for males and 51 – 120 lbs for females. As seen in our photos, wolves are amazing.

What do Arctic wolves eat?

The Arctic wolves mostly eat meat. Mostly fishes and other small animals in the arctic.

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