American wall art hanging on dining room



These majestic creatures in this black and white horse picture were tired, and so was I. During this shoot for American wall art and pink and grey wall art, they were running from right to left of my camera. The water was high and it was also sapping their energy. As a result, seeking American wall art and pink and grey wall art, I wasn’t feeling the moment either. I had been shooting horses to procure American wall art and American art decor for four years or so. Consequently, getting the same kind of photograph was no longer satisfying. I asked myself “what can I do to make the next picture better?” and thus attain a higher level of American wall art.  My brain was ready to shut down in other words. However, I knew the horses would run one more time and it would be perfect for some American art decor photos. Instinctively, I positioned myself in front of their hooves and also low to the edge of the water. Two things could have happened; firstly, I could have ended up in the Emergency Room or ended up with an image like this one. 

From traditional to modern, American wall art crosses many genres and generations: one consideration could be bar art decor. One might not think of art as the first thing to place in a room, but bar art decor is a viable possibility Most start with electronics, furniture, accessories, and lastly art in most cases. But art and in particular American art decor is such an important part of our history that keeps cultures and ideas alive. The question is, what art do you identify with?

Having art in our homes doesn’t only bring decor esthetics, art brings knowledge. When one looks at our horse art, the sense the strength of the grand animal. The way their body moves and interacts with nature is what we capture. Not many people get to experience horses live in person. Having a work of American ar

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