• 17.5 x 26.25 in / Edition of 20
• 23.5 x 35.25 in / Edition of 20
• 35.5 x 53.25 in / Edition of 20
• 43.5 x 65.25 in / Edition of 10

FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.

Bear Wall Decor



I went to Lake Clark, Alaska to take pictures of grizzly bears. I came upon this magnificent bear on a late summer afternoon. My guide and I were crossing the inlet when we spotted this large male 200-300 yards away. Bears have gorgeous features. Their eyes, fur, claws, etc, were truly amazing to see in real life. My guide advised me to slowly walk backward.

Photographing Bears

I had never seen such an enormous bear like this one before. He weighed at least 800-900 pounds, but his proximity made him appear even larger. The bear was aware of our presence but seemed unperturbed, so I took the opportunity to photograph him in his natural habitat. I tend to shoot low; I set my tripod as low as possible and also dropped to one knee. He looked massive in my 600 mm Canon lens. I was surprised when he crept closer. Should I have gone back to the cabin and stay safe or face the challenge? Nothing can prepare you for seeing an animal that is four times your size, especially at close range like this bear wall art. He walked so gracefully I could not take my eyes off of him, even as the guide asked me to move back.

He paused at about 15 feet away-his eyes were focused squarely on me as I tried to take this brown bear image. But his disposition was even-tempered, almost serene. My camera stopped focusing at about seven feet- right before I got this shot. Something caught his eye, and he looked to my left. As he continued past us, I felt his size, energy, and also his sheer power. I was also somewhat amused to realize my guide had wisely decided to move back 50 feet.

That evening, in the relative comfort of my motel room, I reviewed the photos I had taken. I had expected the landscape images to be the keepers, but this bear wall art took the blue ribbon.

Wall Decor for Your Home

When decorating spaces in your home, you want to hang wall decor that motivates you daily. As soon as you wake up, you want to feel positive vibes. Hanging art prints will bring that forward. Family rooms are the ideal locations to hang them up. Use the widest wall to place the piece to create a strong focal point. The entire family and guests will be amazed by such beauty.

Our wall decor collection of bears make the perfect addition to your den, cabin, living room, and more. Many artists try to photograph black bears and the surrounding landscapes, few accomplish to capture their raw beauty. We love capturing all the details to create amazing wall art gifts to design your home. Wall art of black bears is a great way to let wildlife’s energy in your home. We pride ourselves on our exclusive collection of high-quality wall art and home decor.

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Watch how we created our bear wall art

View our SHORT FILM on photographing the Grizzly Bear in Alaska. This was such a life-changing experience. We were out in nature with bears, deer, and other beautiful animals. Mother nature has so much to show that we must not take for granted.

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