Beautiful Horse Pictures


I was in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer to capture beautiful horse pictures and beautiful horse photography as another addition to my wildlife pictures for sale. The sun was rising, and the air also smelled of the ocean. I watched intently as the sky transitioned from a pink twilight to a baby blue. Galloping through the waters, I could see about fifteen horses coming towards me and I prepared to shoot really pretty horse pictures. With the only sound being the splashing of their hoofs in the waters, I was hypnotized by the rhythmic movement. They seemed to move with a purpose, chasing something that was unknown to me as I sought the most beautiful horse pictures in the world.

Through most of our history, horses have played a huge role in human experience. Horses were used for warfare, transportation, sports, and also leisure activities. And it is a bond of co-dependency. A relationship that pictures can do no justice to. Throughout my time as a wildlife photographer, horses have been my most favorite subjects above all. I haven’t connected this strongly with any other wild animal. Nor have I felt more passionate than when I am photographing horses and pursuing beautiful horse photography.

Capturing Your Beautiful Horse Pictures

As stunning as these beautiful horse images look, they are easily achievable. Anybody with a decent camera can photograph horses as a result when seeking really pretty horse pictures. Having said that, the key to a good horse picture is the time spent understanding your subject in order to shoot the most beautiful horse pictures in the world. Animals understand human energy and also respond to it. So if one is scared or uncomfortable around a horse, the horse immediately picks up this energy and will behave in the same manner.  

It is imperative to make the horses comfortable around your camera equipment before you start taking your dream beautiful horse images. Firstly, always start by familiarizing them with the sound of the shutter. One can do this by holding the camera in your hand and clicking the shutter a few times. You will know if the horse is uncomfortable or doesn’t like the sound of the shutter. If this is the case, start shooting from afar and slowly make your way closer to the horse in order to shoot really pretty horse pictures, once it is comfortable with the sound. You will be surprised at what a little patience can do to get you the beautiful horse pictures you want.

One cannot expect to take beautiful horse images or beautiful horse photography in one sitting. The more time you spend with the horse, making it comfortable and also friendly around you, the better the horse will respond, giving you your dream horse pictures and the most beautiful horse pictures in the world.

The Lone Sailor

I clicked incessantly as the horses galloped past me in a series of splashes. Just when I thought they had all moved past me, a horse that was lagging behind caught my attention. Last, of the herd, this guy tried his best to keep up with the rest. The herd had taken off so quickly they failed to notice their comrade was left behind. About 300 yards behind the others, this guy had not given up and had now decided to walk slowly instead. I saw the sadness in his eyes. This experience was emotional compared to my other horse pictures, my heart went out to him.

Photographing Horses- Behind The Scenes

Consequently, nature itself did most of the work here. This is another photo that could have been taken with an iPhone. Professional equipment also matters to a certain extent. With capturing beautiful horse pictures, I’d say that 60%-70% of it is being able to put yourself close to them and also being able to predict the animal’s behavior for beautiful horse photography. In conclusion, the rest is up to Mother Nature.

How You Can Display Beautiful Horse Pictures

This horse picture is very different from my other horse pictures. The colors, the mood, and also the subject itself, all tug at your emotions. The art print can be printed small 8” X 12” and also to life-size 43.5” X 65.25” on Kodak metallic photo paper. Either unframed, wooden frame, or plexiglass, the finish is up to you. The printing and framing of the wildlife pictures for sale are done in New York. Displayed on acrylic plexiglass during our fine art exhibits, the photos come to life.

*A percentage of proceeds from Ejaz Khan Earth’s exhibits and sales goes to foundations that support the awareness and conservation of wildlife.

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