You and I have our own different interests and desires, and so does everyone else on Earth. They may not be very similar at all. I like to spend my free time capturing nature, shooting large birds, and making bird wall decor reminiscent of bird paintings. You may want to focus on performing well at work or on your family. Neither one of those ambitions is greater or lesser than the other, just different. It should never matter to me what you desire to do with your life and also vice versa. What matters is that I am able to focus on what I want in life and pursue it inclusive of shooting large birds.. Regardless of what others are doing around me and how it compares to me, it is important to know myself.

You and I may also approach things differently. You may be a Type A person, who likes to plan out your goals and aspirations with meticulous detail. Others may fall in the Type B or Type C category who prefer only some planning or would rather just live carefreely and take things as they come. My work can be approached with either tactic whether I’m seeking large birds or small birds and will likely have different consequences. I can plan the perfect photograph for my bird art and bird wall decor with a picture of how I want it to turn out and what I’m going to do.

On the other hand, I can rely on my own judgment and make game-time decisions hoping for the perfect pictures of bird art similar to bird paintings for my art gallery website. We’ve all had moments where we’ve doubted ourselves because we looked over and saw someone doing something different.

Is that what I should be doing? How I should be doing it? Was I wrong for doing it my way? These nagging questions have most definitely come to mind for us all. It’s only human nature.


One thing I’ve learned from all of the expeditions I’ve taken to photograph wildlife is that you can always learn from nature as I have from bird paintings. All you need to do is slow down and observe the world around you, even if your goal is to produce bird art and bird wall decor. There’s something inherently grounding about observing nature. Taking the time to step away from your point of view has some merit to it. I found a lesson about focus while capturing this picture of a roseate spoonbill and some other large birds.


At first glance, you may mistake this bird for a small flamingo. However, one look at their aptly named bills is enough to set them apart. The adult roseate spoonbills are famous for their brilliant pink hue and obviously spoon-shaped bill. Their feathers become more saturated in their breeding season. Their wings, abdomen, and feathers on the side of their tails are stunning pink, their tails are orange, and their legs are ruby red.  While both sexes share their namesake pink color, the males tend to be bigger and have longer bills.

This particular spoonbill was very evidently not concerned about her audience, or the fact that she even had one. She was on a mission.  There was something admirable about how focused this bird was on getting to her destination. So focused that even my shutter could not capture her clearly. Only her sharp eyes were clear. When you are focused on what you want in life, the rest of the world can be blurry. This shouldn’t make a difference to you. Just like this bird, who was flying at such high speeds that the only parts of her body that were steady were her eyes. She was far too focused on where she was flying to waver. 


How does one drown out all the insecurities that can make us lose focus? There isn’t an easy answer to that, but what we do know is that it helps to keep your goals in mind. We all start the journey to meeting our goals with a solid reason in mind.  It’s important to remember these reasons when our focus wavers so that we too can keep our sights clear.

Not all of us may even know what our goals are. However, we can all find direction by focusing on what we do know we want. It’s okay to figure things out as we go, as long as we’re going somewhere. When our vision is clear and we have some focus on what we want to do, we are working towards our purpose. It is through this that we are able to traverse through the tribulations and uncertainties of life. Or at the very least come back with some amazing roseate spoonbill photographs and birds wall decor for your art gallery website.


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