We’re always told to do our best. This is typically a good mindset to be in since we often fear failure more than the effort of working our hardest. The idea of failing can be paralyzing to even the hardest working people. People who fail at things can feel like they’re losers, and oftentimes are told that they are, despite this being untrue. We tend to celebrate their failures only after they’ve learnt a lesson from them and used that to succeed later.

Oftentimes, we can find comfort in our failures if we know we tried our hardest. These black horse pictures may not be my best work, but I know that I tried my best to photograph them. That is all I need to sleep at night with satisfaction. Even if these black horse pictures aren’t my highest grossing images, the fact that I’m happy with my efforts makes them far from a failure.

Had I just looked at my photography by the numbers, I might feel differently. Naturally, there are always some winners and some losers in life. If everyone was successful at everything they did, success wouldn’t be anything to be proud of. The black horse pictures mean more to me because I see beyond just their face value. Every animal I photograph is a lesson, an added experience, and a sharpened skill.


“Failure” or not, not shying away from each opportunity to improve is what makes people better at what they do. If I didn’t like the way that these black horse pictures came out, fine. Next time I go out I’ll know exactly what I do not want, and work to get what I do want. Chances are that I put in the effort to learn how to do it better this time and how to get the results I want. 

We must do our best when doing anything. Committing to do your best is a win-win scenario. Even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted, you still have the peace of mind from knowing that you did everything you could. You can always go home with your head held high, knowing that you could do nothing more because you already gave it your all. This horses in snow photo taught me so much of this.

Any situation that will test you and make you work for a desirable outcome deserves your best efforts. Doing so is humbling and rewarding. It makes you understand your true potential and the extent of your abilities. You’re not left wondering “what if?” when things don’t work out. Giving it your best grants you a different perspective in life. It allows you to stay positive about things instead of complaining when things don’t go as planned. Complaining doesn’t do anything to help you reach your goals, but looking at the positives can inspire you to try again next time.


Doing your best means trying even if you aren’t sure you’ll get the outcome you want. You can have the satisfaction of doing your best and be happy with that. On the other hand, even by just attempting to succeed you might find that you are more capable than you previously thought. Going into something with everything you’ve got might surprise you.

There is always a positive outcome of trying your best. That’s what I witnessed while I watched these horses fighting. The horse on the bottom was the stronger one from what I saw. However, the weaker one put up such a fight that was a worthy opponent, even though he was much smaller. At the end of the tussle, the larger horse still won. But the smaller one went back with the satisfaction of doing his best.

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