Colorful Wall Decor



• 23H x 35W inches

• 33H x 49W inches

• 43H x 64W inches

Saintes Maries de la Mer, early morning. It’s a known fact that early morning walks are good for you. It’s 10 times more rewarding when you are accompanied by these beautiful horses. Mother nature adds a sprinkle of amazing colors.

I love to travel the world creating colorful wall decor, colorful contemporary art , and colorful art prints.  I normally take horse photos keeping in mind how it will look at the end hanging in someone’s home or office. All of our wildlife fine art photos are printed on metallic Kodak paper. The paper gives it a very realistic and vibrant look. Art buyers and art collectors who have purchased our large 4 feet by 6 feet images for their homes or offices have always written back, thanking us for the positive energy they get from our horse artwork, our simple colorful art prints, our colorful modern art and photography.

Colorful art decor,  simple colorful art, and colorful contemporary art will bring so much gracious energy to your home. Of course art is subjective but colorful wall decor, colorful modern art, and simple colorful art prints will truly bring something special to your home. The more vibrant the colors are, the more emotions you’ll get. Warm and light colors will bring comfort while cool and dark colors create a sense of calmness. Our colorful wall decor, colorful contemporary art and simple colorful art has both warm and dark colors that will fit perfectly in any home.

An important key when decorating with colorful wall decor is to find balance. You don’t want to overpower your space by having so many clashing colors. Pick one piece to be the focal point. Choose accessories based on complimentary colors from the artwork. Lastly, let your personality flow with the art you choose.

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