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The Arctic. Late morning. 

My eyes swept across the beautiful white landscape, focusing on anything that moved or resembled an animal. My hopes rose every time, but they were never the arctic wolves or cool wolf images I was looking for. The chilly air was persistent and also repeatedly hit my body, reminding me of how long I had been out there. I had to ignore the numbness of my body and also the rigidity of my fingers resting on my camera. It had been seven days of no luck. I was determined to photograph the elusive arctic wolves for my contemporary art gallery and cool wolf decor, but the wolves seemed to have other plans.


After a week of being disappointed, my drive started to waver. I asked myself, “should I stay or should I go?” Even at the risk of sounding like the infamous The Clash lyrics, I found myself repeating that line in my head. I played in my head for so long because I couldn’t get myself to give up. While ultimately human, failure was something I was never one to give into easily. Still, I fought to keep from judging myself and the decisions I had made for this. I started gathering my equipment and also asking myself, “did I really give it my best?” This made leaving very hard; I couldn’t answer that question. I felt guilty about not being able to capture the cool wolf pictures and cool wolf decor that I had set out to; not being able to predict the animal’s behavior.

This feeling hung over me like a heavy cloud and also drained the zeal that usually helped me power through these adventures seeking cool wolf art. I found myself taking longer than usual to pack up my things and finally put the nail in the coffin. I accepted this and let myself go through the motions however I could.


My guide, on the other hand, was a solemn man. He was very quiet and also knowledgeable, he knew this beautiful terrain very well. He had been determined to help me capture cool wolf pictures and cool wolf decor with his expertise. My guide had not smiled during the entire trip, mostly because he felt that he had let me down. He wanted to give it his best, so he asked to stay for some more time to take the wolf in snow pictures and cool wolf art. However, by this time I had made my peace with the situation. I was done, and also ready to throw in the towel. He accepted my stance and we both decided to head back. While riding back to town, he stopped, looked at me, and smiled. 


I hadn’t spotted the wolf yet, but I knew he had seen one. 

And there sauntering along the arctic terrain was a beautiful arctic wolf, completely unaware of how celebrated his presence suddenly was. This wolf was a bit different from the other members of his species that we had encountered in the past. This wolf was the first one to approach us. He clearly lacked a fear of humans. This made complete sense since humans rarely if ever set foot in this region of the world. This animal had no idea what to make of us, let alone if we were a threat to him.  

Thinking back to how serendipitously we had encountered the wolf makes me believe that the universe had premeditated it. All that self-doubt, coming to terms with leaving, the delay caused by our “failure”, had set us up for this moment. We had finally come face to face with the wolf in a very remote area. One that had no roads or paths to follow, making it a truly coincidental meeting for both parties. At the end of the day, we had finally gotten our wolf in the snow picture as well as cool wolf images.

As a result, what I learned from this is that if it’s meant to happen, it will happen. Lastly, this has brought me peace of mind in my other wildlife photography adventures and seeking cool wolf art that doesn’t always go to plan. 


These cool wolf pictures can be printed in many sizes, ranging from small 8” X 12” to also life-size 43.5” X 65.25” on Kodak metallic photo paper. You also have your choice of the finish, either unframed, wooden framed, or mounted on plexiglass. The artwork is also proudly printed and framed in New York.

Above all, we’re happy to share these stories and offer these cool wolf pictures. In addition to the other pieces in our contemporary art gallery, these prints make wonderful additions to any home. Displayed on acrylic plexiglass during our fine art exhibits, the photographs truly do come to life.

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