In a curled and cozy position, there is a lot more than meets the eye to the story of this fox photo. The white fox, also known as the snow fox, is a small fox indigenous to the arctic and commonly found throughout the arctic tundra biome. As you can see from the fox photo itself, the furry, puffy white coat displayed on the fox is what the snow fox is known for. You will notice this in all the arctic fox images you will find. As you can gather from the regions the fox is native to, it is an animal well adapted to living in the coldest of environments and uses its fluffy white coat as camouflage. Its body is built in a rounder shape to help maintain body heat as it can endure temperatures up to -58 degrees Fahrenheit.

 How The Fox Keeps Warm

If we look closer at the fox photograph, we can see the way the fox is nestled up. This is a common position for the arctic fox to lay and it is no accident. It has little to do with comfort and everything to do with function. To prevent heat loss, the snow fox curls up tightly, folding its legs and head under its body and behind its very furry tail. This position protects the least insulated areas of the arctic fox’s body. While its head is up in this fox photo, we can see the way its body is wrapped up. You cannot see one of its limbs, just a blob of fur laying on the ground, which also makes it easier for the fox to camouflage into its environment. Everything this fox does and the way it was built is so that it can survive its arctic environment.  

Sleep with One Eye Open

  As this snow fox was being observed before this fox photo was taken, it was just lying there. To observers, the animal was resting. Yet, the fox was aware of everything going on in its surroundings. With the slightest noise or cry from another animal, the fox’s attention immediately turned to the direction of the sound. The fox remained sedentary for a while until suddenly, with the blink of an eye, he was off. It had spotted a rodent and immediately took off and caught the rodent with one swift gesture. It caught its meal within seconds, expeditiously and without a mess. If we look at the message behind this fox image, there is a much deeper lesson to learn.


No Rest For The Sharp 

The Arctic fox is not one to hibernate, they stay active year-round. Occasionally, when they are cold they will reconvene to their dens. But, for the most part, these are very active animals. Always on the prowl, always aware. If you look at most arctic fox images, you will see the intense, black, beady eyes of these creatures. You gain an understanding of the sharp nature of these animals instantly, just from the look of their eyes. They do not miss a beat. They are quick, they are intelligent, and they do not miss. The snow fox hunts small animals, such as birds and rodents, which means they are especially sharp. The richer its diet is, the warmer it will stay, so diet plays a key role in the fox’s lifestyle. 

Patience is a Virtue

Animal Photography is a tricky field of photography to capture. It takes a lot of patience and respect for realism. The essence of animal photography is its honesty, you cannot tamper with these animals but respect and observe them from afar. The more abstract the environment is that you are shooting in, the more difficult it becomes to shoot these animals as you must be neither seen nor heard. When it came to this fox photograph, all there was to do was be patient. It is patience and silent observation that gives arctic fox images and the story of this fox, in particular, its authenticity. 

The Importance of Awareness

While the fox did appear as though it was resting, its focus never left its surroundings. It was at ease, yet aware of everything. Because its awareness was heightened, when the time came to go after what it wanted, the arctic fox was ready. I think there is a message here for all of us. This fox photo should teach us all that, if we truly focus on what we want, we will achieve it. Whatever you are chasing after, stay aware. Focus on your environment and what it is you are chasing after. For the fox, it was dinner he was chasing after. However, this can apply to the dreams you are chasing after. Stay aware. Stay focused. So, when the time comes to take off, you will be ready. 

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