cute arctic fox pic walking in snow



• 17.5 x 26.25 in / Edition of 20
• 23.5 x 35.25 in / Edition of 20
• 35.5 x 53.25 in / Edition of 20
• 43.5 x 65.25 in / Edition of 10

FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.


Arctic morning. I was in my tent, bored, frustrated, and also lonely, waiting for wolves. I look outside my tent, and in the distance, I see something white move. It gave me a Smile ear to ear. I have heard about photographers going to the Arctic for years and not being successful in capturing photographs of the Arctic wolf in the winter. I immediately thank God for this opportunity. 

As it gets closer to me, my excitement fades as I realize it’s not a wolf, but in fact, it’s a fox. I am disappointed. I come out of my tent not caring if it sees me or runs away. The fox looks at me and stops. I look at the fox and stop moving. We are both at a standstill. I take a step forward, and the fox does also the same. We both continue to take one step at a time until we are 1 foot away from each other. At this point, I want to pet him, but I also know medical help is at least 7 hrs away. I walk back to my camera; he walks with me. I look through my lens but he is too close, so I start talking to him as if he understands me.

Talking with the Fox

Asking him to go at least 8 feet away, and obviously, he looks at me as though I am speaking a foreign language. I chase him, and he runs away, but I am away from my camera, so I run back, and he runs behind me. He’s still too close to the camera that I can’t photograph. I chase him again, then I run back to my camera, but he runs right back with me, still. We play like this for hours.

I was hoping to photograph wolves, but I got an Arctic Fox Pic. Sometimes we wish for things we want, but we get what we need. At this point in the Arctic, I needed a HUMAN touch, so I got a Fox. 

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cute arctic fox pic yawning

Facts about the Arctic Fox

As I went out to capture this Arctic Fox pic, I’ve come across some interesting facts. The Arctic fox is the only native land mammal in Iceland. They have excellent hearing and also sense of smell. It can detect and catch prey that is located deep underneath the snow. They live on a territory of about nine square miles, but their range is wider when searching for food. The Arctic fox can be found in the arctic regions of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Europe, Asia, and also Iceland.

During the summertime, the arctic fox lives at the edge of the forest in the tundra. In the winter season, it is found on sheets of floating ice where its white coat acts as camouflage. They typically live in families consisting of an adult male, the young, and also two female foxes. The Arctic fox females deliver the largest number of pups than any other animal in the wild – as many as 25.

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