Horizontal Wall Art



• 23H x 35W inches

• 33H x 49W inches

• 43H x 64W inches


The principles of design can be a bit overwhelming. But the decor and horizontal wall images such as skinny horizontal wall art, rectangular horizontal wall art, framed horizontal wall art, horizontal canvas wall art, modern horizontal wall art, horizontal art, and framed horizontal wall art are all about personal taste. It’s all about arranging the elements to perfectly fit the space and allowing it to be enjoyed. Horizontal wall art and horizontal wall decor, as well as framed horizontal wall art, rectangular horizontal wall art, skinny horizontal wall art, and modern horizontal wall art, are typically the standards when it comes to decorating walls of the home. This is a perfect alignment for landscape, nature, and wildlife photography. There is more detail and information when a photograph is taken horizontally as with horizontal canvas wall art, modern horizontal wall art, and horizontal art in general.

For large spaces like above the couch in the living room or above the bed, horizontal wall art works best for horizontal wall decor. These are the focal points for horizontal pictures for walls when entering the rooms. You want to hang a piece that is inviting. It should serve as a welcome home anchor point. Allow the piece to bring a smile to your face every time you see it. There’s nothing like making your home the most tranquil environment to be in after a long day of work, particularly when choosing horizontal wall art for the living room.

There’s something truly lavish about horizontal wall art and horizontal wall decor. First off, it creates a beautiful scenic ambiance.. It makes the wall come to life. Images of horses running across your wall and horizontal pictures for walls are simply stunning. Better yet, having the horses splash through water is truly a sight to behold. Horizontal images like horizontal wall art, framed horizontal wall art and horizontal wall decor are best for wildlife art. You get to see the animals in their breathtaking environments. This allows the elements of nature to be part of your home. 


For some placement tips, wall art hung above furniture should not be wider than the width of the furniture especially for horizontal wall art in the living room. A great tip to know is that the art should be about 50-75% the width of the furniture. Remember, it’s all about creating balance. The look of the home creates the feeling of the home. Let your unique personality be displayed through your decor. You will always find peace and happiness at every corner of your home.

The horizontal wall art will make your space feel grander and peek at visual interest. But make sure it’s at a perfect eye level. You want to have a piece of artwork of horizontal wall art that will be displayed for all guests. In the dining room wall, it is best to slightly lower the art to enjoy looking at the piece of horizontal wall art while you are sitting at the dining table.

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