Horse Photo in snow



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“After all, the wool of a black sheep is just as warm” – Ernest Lehman

It can be challenging to fit in with those around you. There is a lot of pressure from the time we’re children to do things as our peers do. Anyone who doesn’t automatically becomes an outcast. Labeled as uncool or weird, these people can be ostracized for simply not following suite, regardless of what their own opinions are. It is safe to say that all of us have felt pressured to conform to others in one way or another for the approval of others. No one really wants to be the “black sheep”.

However, it can be much more difficult to go against the grain than it is to simply follow it. It takes a lot more discipline, integrity and self-confidence to stand up for what you want, even if it goes against the popular vote. That’s why is often these individuals are often leaders, change-makers, and dreamers. 

The three white horses I photographed here in a herd of dark horses were ironically the black sheep. They stood out starkly against the sharp contrast of their fellow horses but camouflaged exceptionally well with their frozen habitat. I could see that they banded together for the most part. Perhaps they were siblings or a mother and her offspring. Or maybe they just stuck together over shared experiences in the herd.  Whatever it was, they were no less than the other horses. In fact, you can see from my shot here that they were quite the opposite. They stood in the front of the herd, never shy and slumped in the back. They were unabashedly different and the other horses seemed to respect them just like any other herd members. 


Naturally, horses don’t see color as we do and colorism is a largely human experience, as unfortunate as that is. However, these three horses seemed to be the perfect metaphor for what it is to exist in a group without assimilating. Even if they didn’t look like the other horses, it didn’t really matter. At the end of the day, they were all just horses and they all belonged to the same herd. They upheld the comradery of the group regardless. These horses are arguably just simple animals. However, the closer I looked at their dynamic and way of living life the more I wished that the human experience was like theirs. 

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