The tenacity of the equine spirit is something that many photographers love to capture. Horse photography inherently offers an element of beauty and energy to its viewers. However, it is up to the photographer to capture the moments of mischief that can make for truly engaging horse prints for sale. Due to their energetic nature, horses are rarely sitting models, and it takes a photographer who can keep up with them to catch them in these moments. This is where being quick on your feet and observant can be a huge advantage and certainly served me well with these horses.

A Persistent Rebel 

Saint Marie- De- La- Mer. Early evening. 

I was observing a herd of horses trot around their enclosure. The well-sealed perimeter of the marsh they inhabited held nine horses on one of its sides. Not all of them seemed to enjoy this situation, and one made it very clear to humans watching it. A sprightly stallion came up the fence and inspected it. He appeared to be agitated by the hurdle, but only for a moment. Without much hesitation, he lept over it, reminding his handlers that he wasn’t one to be contained. As soon as his hooves hit the ground on the other side, they carried him away. His herd mates watched this all happen in the span of a few minutes and needed no more convincing.

In an almost orchestrated fashion, they followed suit. The whole herd took after their leader and were very content with their escape. They ran out as fast as possible, which worked in my favor. The animals violently sprayed and splashed their way through the marsh, giving me a new element to my equine photography. Here was the perfect display of the equine spirit. Free, bold, and untamable, exactly the language I needed for my horse prints for sale.

Their victory was, unfortunately, short-lived. The horsemen quickly realized what had just happened and immediately began rounding the horses up again. After much negotiating, they were able to convince the animals to get back in their enclosure. The rebellious stallion, however, resisted their efforts and refused to go into the water. The men had managed to get him back behind the perimeter for mere moments before he jumped over it once again. This dance of horse and handler repeated four more times.

Every time the weary horsemen got him back he would leap over the fence again, and inspire some of his friends to follow. Each time, it took the horsemen twenty minutes to round up the horses and direct them towards the marsh. I was impressed with the patience and stamina that these young men had in order to keep up with the rebel and his crew. Finally, the stallion gave in to his humans and remained in the marsh. Perhaps to escape again another day.

My Passion for Horse Photography

I have been photographing horses for a long time and I am passionate about pushing myself to capture unique horse prints for sale. Besides being just a passion, horse photography is my artistic expression and one I love to share my stories through. My work brings everyone from a contemporary art collector to a child up close and to these beautiful animals. Either unframed, wooden frame, or Plexiglass, the choice of finishing is yours. Each horse print for sale can also printed life-size on Kodak metallic photo paper. Whatever you choose, the splendor of these wild horses is yours to keep in your home or office. A visit to our New York gallery will immerse you in their world and give you a taste of the adventure of photographing them. If not, any print of my horse photography can be yours to experience as well. 

How Climate Change Affects Horses

Most of us have heard of the effects of global warming on the planet or how it can affect people. However, climate change can be a major issue for horses, both domestic and wild. The effects of global warming can make horses very stressful, uncomfortable, and even unhealthy. During times of rising temperatures horses can get overheated even fall victim to heat exhaustion-related illnesses. This is especially true for horses more accustomed to warm weather. Additionally, horses require more water and shade during the sweltering summer months. The drought that often accompanies abnormally high temperatures can affect the availability of fresh forage.

Additionally, they can lead to dehydration, especially in wild horses who lack artificial sources of water. The mud from increased rain and flood leads to foot and hoof diseases as well as carrying disease-bearing insects. Conversely, dust and particulate matter from arid conditions can cause breathing problems. These fast climate changes can be stressful to horses which makes them more prone to illnesses and diseases. These are the reasons why we join conservation groups to hold fine art exhibitions in New York City to raise awareness and support a good cause. Even contemporary art collectors can do their part to help horses affected by climate change.

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