Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Early evening.

The age of some places can make itself very obvious. The centuries witnessed the stories that have made news and the many generations of people who have lived there. The history of these places can be loud enough to make even the youngest of visitors listen. The small town I was visiting in pursuit of horse art prints is situated on the Southern coast of France. The aged town was known for its strong winds, the ocean lapping at its shores and also its wild horses. The region draws in visitors with its sheer beauty and the opportunity to pursue equine photography. Photographs of these animals have graced horse pictures for sale and also world art galleries far and wide.

Many people before me had experienced the charm of this town, and I found myself here on the basis of their accounts. The sea of red and cream roof tiles that spread out across it added to its quaint aesthetic. The wear and tear on the coastal structures, as years of troubled waves, did their damage, were records of its age.

The Historic Camargue Horse

For many years I have been shooting photography for my horse pictures for sale here. The placement of the water, sky, and also the horses always gave me truly captivating horse art prints. I had found my photography subject in the Camargue horse. Argued to be the oldest horse breed in the world, these gorgeous cream-colored wild horses inhabit the marshes and wetlands of the region. Not surprisingly, they have done so for thousands of years. 

The famed horses currently live in semi-wild conditions in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The French government now has the horses bred under very specific guidelines. The Camargue Horse breed wasn’t officially a breed until the Association des Eleveurs de Chevaux de Race Camargue recognized them as one in 1978. They are also the trusty steeds of Europe’s only “cowboys” which are otherwise known as the “Guardians”. The Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer region is home to these cowboys, called the “Wild West of France,  who have used the horses for generations. These animals make for brilliant workhorses and are employed with herding bulls used in bullfighting. Their stocky build and also easy temperament make them well adjusted for this role. Their beautiful habitat and also photogenic nature have made them the stars of many horse pictures for sale and world art galleries.

Too Young

As much as I hate violence and conflict in my own life, seeing it in the wild can be quite exhilarating. The sheer animal instinct taking over in a brazen display of strength and dominance can make for exciting horse pictures for sale. Of course, the older and more experienced the animal, the more coordinated and skilled their fighting may be. Throwing a boxer in the ring with no training is almost certainly for their defeat. Unfortunately, for most animals, there is no training and adulthood is just getting tossed in the ring. The only way to survive is to use the experience gained from each defeat to get better. There may just be a lot of defeat in the process.

I had a front-row seat to a spectacular brawl between two Camargue stallions. Obviously young, the equine opponents were squaring each other up intensely. They took turns trying to up each other by looking bigger or more threatening. One would shake its mane as it circled the other and the other would snort loudly and stomp about. They reminded me of unseasoned boxers, throwing punches in the air. They were putting on a show in an effort to intimidate the other. The stallions tried to cover up their lack of experience with these overzealous wastes of energy. Experience would have taught them to save that energy for the actual fight since that was the only display that would have really mattered.

The Power of Experience

Lastly, just like stepping into a ring with no training, walking into a shoot with no practice will likely lead to poor performance. Like most things in like, photography, requires devotion and also discipline to master. That is the only way to get the experience needed to succeed. Author Malcolm Gladwell preaches the value of intention driven practice. In his bestselling book, Outliers, Gladwell explains the  “10,000-Hour Rule” which states that the way to mastering any skill requires intense intentional practice. 10,000 hours of it to be exact. Based on a study by Anders Ericsson, this rule is centered on the idea that one can only achieve greatness through dedication. This requires an individual to not only put in hours of practice but ensure that the practice is intentional and motivated.

Taking lots of photographs won’t guarantee that you’ll come out with stunning horse pictures for sale. It takes experience to know that being patient and sensing when the moment is right will pay off. Be it horse art prints for your own home or equine photography for a world art gallery, refining your craft time.

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