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We’ve all walked into a room and just had to pause for a moment to take it in. Some spaces just draw us in and they instantly become our favorites. Do you want to replicate this feeling in your home with wall art? The first step is to find artists that you share similar aesthetics and purpose. Artists have their own philosophy when it comes to creating their art prints. Do you relate to the artists that you are researching for wall art? Depending on your preferences, people often sync instantly. The art prints should speak to your heart and of course your soul. Usually, the elements that create this reaction are art prints, which works in synchrony with the furniture and other wall art of your space. We often put a lot of effort into the interior decorating of a home but tend to only focus on furniture and fixtures. Wall art is the first step to achieve a beautiful new vision for your home.

Horse Prints Make A Positive Difference

Many of us just leave the art prints until the last minute, hoping that one decent piece will bring it all together in the end. While this tactic may work for some projects, it can be worthwhile to spend some time thinking about how art prints will play into a room beforehand.

Horses are one of our favorite animals to photograph. Our most popular pieces are horse art prints. Creating harmony between the elements in a room can seem daunting, especially with the added pressure of creating a wow factor. Understandably, selecting between different horse art prints for your home can be dizzying. After all, simply walking into the different rooms of a home can speak volumes about the person who put them together. Their passions, struggles, stories, and personality are all on display through the media that decorate their living spaces. These factors are so important and will lead to the perfect wall art for you.

Horse print photographed in NORWAY.


Horses always have a very kind expression in their eyes, they draw us into their world. Have you noticed when a horse looks at you he wants to tell you something? There is so much beauty and many details when you see the eyes of a horse for the first time. In the past, I felt they will start speaking in English at that moment, but that didn’t happen. And then one day, I decided to learn their language, they speak in the language of energy. I can’t say I understand this language 100% but I think by now I am pretty good at it.

My world un-folded not just with horses but with humans as well when I started to learn the language of energy. It’s this energy I try to bring across in my art. So when this horse wall art is placed in a client’s home they will feel the energy as well.

Horse Wall Art for Your Living Room

How to create Horse Art Prints – tips and techniques.

Horse print art is no magic trick and everyone can take a decent horse picture. But the key to taking really good photographs with style is to spend time understanding your subject’s behavior. Here are 3 tips for great horse wall art.

TIP 1.

All animals in nature get a very good sense of our energy, so if we are not comfortable or are scared around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way.

TIP 2.

Treat the horse as you would a close friend – be friendly, make it comfortable around your camera equipment before you start to make horse art prints.

TIP 3.

Hold the camera and lens in your hands, press the shutter button a few times to get the horse familiar with the sound. If it doesn’t like the sound, start from far. Let it get used to the sound and then approach slowly.

When I started horse photography, I was doing it for fun. I traveled to Camargue, Beaufort, and also Wyoming to create wall art. Each country had its own style and unique type of horse. North Dakota is a beautiful state to create horse art prints. I spent more time understanding the horse’s behavior. The more I learned about the horse, the better my photographs got as a result. Combine these tips with a bit of patience also, and you will be amazed by the equine wall art you achieve.

Horse Wall art Reminder

Remember – if horse wall art is your goal, then it’s your job to make your subject very comfortable. You will achieve a style that only can exist between you and the horse. I cannot overemphasize the importance of patience – you cannot get the great wall art of a horse in one sitting. The more time you spend with it, the more friendly it gets with you. In conclusion, once the horse lets you into its world, magic happens. Which state or country will you travel to photograph horse wall decor art? Email us your stories and photos, we would love to see the horse artwork that you capture. Wall art prints with great details are our favorite style. We’ve been to many great states in this country to photograph all kinds of animals. By far, horse wall has been our signature art prints. Many love the elegant style and beauty that equine display. Many artists try hard to capture raw emotion but it takes penitence and persistence to achieve amazing wall art.

Shop Horse Wall Art

If you wish to purchase a horse print from our horse wall art collection, simply provide us your name and email address for size and price details. Our wall art prints are limited edition, available in different sizes, and the artist will sign the piece. We offer one of a kind exclusive horse wall art that can not be found elsewhere. We welcome all to enjoy the amazing details and grand size of our wall art. Choose the perfect art wall decor for your living room, bedroom, or office. Our style is very unique and not the same as other artists.

Contact Us for Art Prints

Simply email us and we will send you details and prices of your favorite horse print. Our collection of horse art prints are of the highest quality. Let us know your frame type preferences as prices vary per treatment. Each horse print in our collection is signed and numbered by the artist, Ejaz Khan. Our fine art prints are one of a kind and exclusive and can not be found in other shops or sites. Which horse prints are your favorites?

How Climate Change Affects Horses

In my travels to create horse art prints, I have learned so much about these beautiful creatures. The causes of climate change can be debated. But there’s no argument that climate change affects animals just as critically. Understanding how will help you better protect your pets. You can keep your horse safe if you know what the climate shift does to your horse. It becomes your job to be better prepared and keep your horses safe and comfortable in new weather conditions.

Wall Art for Awareness

It is the wild horses that suffer most along with all the other wild animals. Unlike humans, they can’t put on a jacket or shorts when it’s too cold or too hot. Their bodies have an internal clock that allows them to grow and shed fur according to the climate they have known in the past. This cannot evolve as fast as climate change is occurring throughout the country and also the world. Horse prints are our most beloved pieces. It will be such a travesty for the world to no longer see horses in person if the effects of climate change don’t get resolved. Our equine art prints and wildlife wall art collection has the purpose to create awareness. Awareness is the first step to help and aid endangered species. Wall art with a powerful message is our aim.

Our Job

It is our job to slow down the contributing factors to climate change. Using fewer paper goods or less plastic helps. We must take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, reducing fossil fuel use and other pollution that contributes to climate change. Horses on the other hand in fact aid the climate! Unlike many domesticated herbivores, horses have sharp incisors, which clip grass only at the tips, leaving the rest of the plant intact. This grazing preserves grass and prevents soil erosion. Horses have less aggressive digestive systems. The plant matter they consume is not broken down as much. Horse manure contains high nitrogen seeds that aid in fertilizing soil.

Our wall art is an appreciation for these amazing creatures that have been with us since the beginning of time. Each breed of horse has its unique style and admired details. Our wall art gallery is filled with stunning moments captured in real-time. A favorite style of wall art of ours is black and white. Many artists around the country have their own style and passion when creating wall art. Our passion is photographing wildlife’s beauty, join us on our journey.

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