Have you ever wondered why we all have own different goals in life? Wouldn’t it be simpler if everyone aimed for the same things? In reality, they can vary greatly between people. I like to spend my free time capturing nature and making horse wallpapers. Your goals may be to get a promotion or travel more. Neither one of those ambitions is more valuable or validating than the other, just different. If we all had the same goals, we would have very similar human beings walking around the Earth. After all, we aren’t defined by what we look like, but instead by what we do. What matters is that we are able to focus on my goals and pursue them. Regardless of what others are doing around us and how it compares to us, it is important to do what we need to do to feel fulfilled.

You and I may also approach things differently. You could be a Type A person, who likes to plan out your goals and aspirations with meticulous detail. Others may fall in the Type B or Type C category who prefer only some planning or would rather just live carefreely. My work can be carried out with either plan and can produce wildly different products. I can plan the perfect photograph for my horse wallpaper with a picture of how I want it to turn out. On the other hand, I can rely on my own judgment and make last-minute decisions hoping for the perfect pictures for my art for sale. We’ve all had moments where we’ve wondered if something was worth doing after being faced with a hurdle. It’s all too easy to fall victim to this kind of thinking.

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Determined Jumpers

As always, my wildlife art and photography tend to leave me with a life lesson. This photograph was no exception. During my expedition to Norway, I spent some of my time at a horse ranch. The frigid winter had brought with its piles and piles of snow. So much snow that it was becoming an obstacle for the horses to walk through. Keep in mind that these were massive animals, multiple hands tall and quite used to the snow as it is. On an average day, I would have kindly requested to be excluded from the day’s activities if they involved traversing this level of snow. That day was different as I was keen on capturing images for horse wallpaper to add to my collection of art for sale.

The owner of the range had set up goals for his horses. In order to keep them in shape and get adequate exercise, he set up a routine that involved them running laps. This regular exercise doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but that is until you add the element of snow. I was struggling to simply walk through the sheet of white powder, let alone run laps. That didn’t hinder these animals from completing their goals. They managed to keep running through their laps, even when the snow should have slowed them down. When they couldn’t break up the snow in front of them, they jumped over their hurdles and kept going. They didn’t stop to wonder why this was happening to them or why their owner seemed to take sadistic pleasure in subjecting them to it.

Despite not being jumping horses or being trained to jump, they adapted to the hurdles in their routine and still performed. When I think back to this scene, I think about those diligent animals and how they stuck to their agenda. They had been given a goal and despite the less than ideal conditions they were dealt, they carried on.

Sticking to your Goals

How does one drown out all the voices that deter us from fulfilling our goals? There isn’t a simple answer to that, but what we do know is that it helps to keep your ambitions in mind. From capturing pictures for horse wallpapers to completing an obstacle course, it’s useful to know the end result. We initially set up our goals with a valuable reason. It’s important to revisit this when our drive wavers to remind ourselves why we started

Not all of us may even know what our goals are or where we want to be in the future. However, we can all find direction by focusing on what we do know we want. It’s okay to figure things out as we go, as long as we’re going somewhere. When we have some focus on what we want to do, we are working with a sense of purpose. It is through this that we are able to navigate the tribulations of life. Or at least capture some amazing wildlife art for your collection of art for sale.

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