small cute monkeys on tree bark



• 17.5 x 26.25 in / Edition of 20
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FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.
small cute monkeys on tree bark

Early morning – South India. I had spent a few days photographing these lion-tailed macaques. Metering the lion-tailed macaque for the correct exposure becomes quite a challenge because they have black and white fur, but on the other hand, their behavior is so unusual that I could spend days watching them.

One of the things I realized that the little ones do exactly what the adults do, they copy adult behavior to the T. The adults fight a lot, sometimes for a reason and most of the time for no reason at all. These two were sitting around doing nothing; then they saw two adults fighting, so they started to fight themselves. When the adults stopped fighting, the little ones stopped as well. 

I think the phrase ”monkey see monkey do” comes from the fact that all children, monkey or human, do what they see — their adults doing.

How climate change affects monkeys

Monkeys are primate animals. They mostly depend on leaves and also fruits for sustenance. The CLIMATE CHANGE which leads to El Nino and La Nina events are affecting these primates more because it decides the availability of this sustenance. These events lead to flooding, severe drought, and also storms. This leads to scarcity of food and also water. This, in turn, is a pathway of new diseases that would affect the monkeys.

Even the food that is available has fewer fiber leaves,  meaning the monkey does not get its needed strength. Female Monkeys end up malnourished and also give birth to smaller offspring with less birth rate. These factors contribute to a decrease in population.

Conservation: How we help animals affected by climate change, and how you can help

I have always believed in giving back. When I began to realize how much damage has been done to the animals and the planet due to climate change, I knew I had to do something. The direction led me to conservation groups.

As a fashion photographer, I pay the models. In wildlife, I can not pay the animals, so to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations such as the Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection.

A percentage of the sale of these monkey pictures is donated to these organizations. So when you buy photography from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only do you have an inspiring photo of some of nature’s finest creatures on your walls, but you will also be helping them.

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