musk ox laying down covered in snow



• 17.5 x 26.25 in / Edition of 20
• 23.5 x 35.25 in / Edition of 20
• 35.5 x 53.25 in / Edition of 20
• 43.5 x 65.25 in / Edition of 10

FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.

Norway. Early evening. We have hiked for hours to get close to the Musk Oxen. I wanted to get as close as possible to be able to capture the face of the giant. Every step I took towards the Musk Oxen, I was putting myself in more danger, but it didn’t matter. I wanted to push my limits and wanted more. The more dangerous it got, the more excited I got. The closer I got, the closer I wanted to get. I got so close that my camera wouldn’t focus anymore. Though I got what I had envisioned, I still wanted more. 

Why didn’t I stop after achieving what I had envisioned? As humans why do we always want more? Why do we forget the reason for the initial goal? 

Musk Ox Characteristics

Male and also female musk oxen have long curved horns. Musk oxen stand 4 to 5 ft high. They have a small tail which is concealed under a layer of fur. Adults, on average 630 pounds. The thick coat and large head suggest a larger animal than the muskox truly is. Their coat, a mix of dark/ greyish brown, includes long guard hairs that almost reach the ground. Musk oxen are occasionally domesticated for wool, meat, and also milk.They mark their trails with preorbital glands. A musk ox can reach speeds of 37 mph. Their life expectancy is 12–20 years.

Musk oxen live in herds of 12–24 during winter and 8–20 in the summer. Male and also female musk oxen both have separate age-based hierarchies like most wildlife groups. The mature oxen are always dominant over the juveniles. Dominant musk oxen often get access to the best resources and also land. They will displace subordinates from patches of grass during the winter season. Musk oxen bulls assert their dominance in many ways. Bulls are also known to roar, they swing their heads, and also paw the ground. The dominant bulls often treat subordinate bulls like cows. A dominant bull will casually kick subordinates. Subordinate bulls can change their status among herds by charging at the dominant bull.

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