Wyoming, Late evening. This gentleman embodies the spirit of the Wild West. Even today, his stories are captivating.

I was picked up at the airport and driven to this ranch. The landscape was bleak but breathtaking. There were red plateaus covered with snow. The only way to do justice to this landscape would be to photograph it from a drone. Coming from New York City where we have to ask permission to sneeze, I asked the driver, “Can bring a drone on my next trip, or would I need to obtain a permit first?”. He looked at me, smiled, lifted his jacket, showed me his gun, and said, “We don’t need permission for anything here. This is Wyoming.” It was clear that I was no longer in New York City.

Later on that night I was introduced to the gentleman in the photograph. We got along right away. He opened up to me once I commented on the beauty of the landscape. I said it must be amazing to live in such a breathtaking place. He loved the land so much, that when his family abandoned it, he chose to stay. Even after his wife and kids left Wyoming, he carried on alone.

What intrigues me most about him is his untold story. He makes cheese and does everything the old-fashioned way. I loved talking to him. Though he looks and is tough, he is incredibly humble.