Late afternoon – India.

I was in a taxi when I saw this lady washing dishes outside a small home on a farm. What got my attention, were her hands moving 500 miles per hour. I got out of the taxi and walked over to her. She didn’t even take the time to look at me; She did not stop washing the dishes after I made several attempts to speak with her. 

Go away; I must finish all my housework before my daughter-in-law comes back, she repeated again and again. 

Her daughter in law beat her when the work was not done promptly; she was not given food if she made a small mistake, she had to sleep with the farm animals as there was no room for a filthy old woman in her son’s home. 

I offered her some money, but she refused to take it, saying if her daughter-in-law found her with the money, she would beat her and accuse her of theft. This woman was living a nightmare after her husband passed away. 

After taking her photograph, I walked away wondering why do we allow anyone to abuse us, what happens to our self-pride. Is the abused equally to be blamed?