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Wyoming. Early morning. 

I had taken my time photographing Camargue horses in the South of France. Soon I found myself in Wyoming hoping to capture some running horse images in a snowier environment. I guess I had some affinity to horses running through water in one state or another

. The idea of a powerful animal photographed in a powerful element, I liked a lot even if it made things difficult for me.

I had been told by my guide that I should be able to photograph plenty of horses in the morning. This justified my very early morning and the trek over to the wilderness that the horses inhabited. These animals were large powerful beasts that had little to no reason to be cautious of me. Instead, I was the one who should have been nervous about coming face to face with them. Around 1,000 pounds of pure muscle and grit, these animals were not your average pony. Furthermore, they definitely were never taught to be polite around humans. But then again, one could argue that plenty of people had never been taught that either. As someone who’s lived in New York for many years, I can definitely attest to that.

Facing the Beasts

Initially, the dull cold air around my setup was taxing my body and mind. The occasional thought of closing my eyes for a few seconds and dozing off came and went. The impulses of my body were quickly thwarted off by my drive, but not all too easily. It was a good thing I was able to hold up for as long as I did. I soon saw the herd that I had been told about. It contained about 50 robust horses, all heavily coated and fattened up for the cold winter months. I was thrilled. A herd of this size would make for fantastic running horse images no doubt. 

I can plan the perfect running horse images for my art exhibitions with an idea of how I want it to turn out and what I’m going to do. On the other hand, I can rely on my own judgment and make game-time decisions hoping for the perfect pictures of horses running free. We’ve all had moments where we’ve doubted ourselves because we looked over and saw someone doing something different. Is that what I should be doing? Will I mess up? Am I wrong? These nagging questions have most definitely come to mind for us all. It’s only human nature.

The Perfect Shot

In order to capture the power and might of a herd of horses racing towards you, I wanted to photograph them from a low angle. To get this angle, I had to lie down in the snow as I waited for the horses running free to come to me. This didn’t take too long, but once they were charging towards me I realized that I was buried in the snow. I had no choice but to get up on my knees so that the horses could see me and not trample me into the snow. Honestly, I may have been driven to get my running horse images, but my nerves gave into the fear when the ground trembled. Despite the fright I got, being around so many horses running free was the real privilege.

How does one drown out all the fears that can make us lose focus? There isn’t an easy answer to that, but what we do know is that it helps to keep your goals in mind. From hosting art exhibitions to surviving a stampede, it’s valuable to have a plan. We all start the journey of meeting our goals with a solid reason in mind. It’s important to remember these reasons when our focus wavers so that we too can keep our sights clear.

Fickle Mother Nature

Nature can be so unexpected. Everything can be calm and quiet one second, and then suddenly, mother nature comes at you with a force. These beautiful horses may seem like lovely subjects, but the experience doing so was something else. The air was freezing and gave me chills. The landscape was a snowy wonderland and simply stunning. The earth rumbling beneath my feet told me how strong these beasts really were.

We should all be aware of such feelings in one way or another. Special moments like these should awaken your senses. They should give you the drive and passion to enjoy life. Wildlife photography gives me that drive. It pushes me to pursue my passion and to inspire others to find the same. When our vision is clear and we have some focus on what we want to do, we are working towards our purpose. It is through this that we are able to traverse through the tribulations and uncertainties of life. 

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