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Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. Late evening. I have been shooting professional horse photography in black and white for so long including: running horses and Persian horses. The first horse is smaller, thinner, and less muscular than most of his herd. But yet, whenever they gallop, he is the one who is always the first among the running horses.

I do see the difference in his posture, demeanor, strut, and also the way he looks around. He has an aura about himself, and he BELIEVES he is fast for example. I see all the horses

trying their hardest, but he beats them of all the running horses at a reasonable distance. 

If someone would judge by physical appearances, I can guarantee you they would never select him for instance. 

Your BELIEF in yourself is often the reason why one can do better than someone with a better skill set. 

Our fine art horse photography exhibitions in New York City carry an exquisite collection of Wild stallions, White mustangs, Ranch ponies, white horse heads,Persian horses and life size statues and so much more. Our fine art equestrian prints are one of a kind and also part of a limited edition series. It will be our pleasure to show you our large 4 feet by 6.5 feet prints which are also available in smaller sizes. Keep up to date about our upcoming art exhibitions and also our gallery pop ups to see white horse heads, Persian horses and life size statues.

Conservation: Our professional horse photography black and white helps wildlife

I learned how poorly and also how unlawful our wild horses and running horses are treated in America. We must take action to help these beautiful animals and also other wildlife. As a fashion photographer, I pay the models. As a wildlife photographer, I can not pay the animals, so to give back, I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations such +

as the Wolf Conservation Center, and World Animal Protection. A portion of all equine photography, white horse heads, and also our other wildlife print sales is given to one of these organizations for them to do what they do best. When you purchase professional horse photography black and white from Ejaz Khan Earth, you are helping the animals.Follow the journey and also our wildlife experience on Instagram.com/ejazkhanearth


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