The Power of Freedom

            There is something so captivating about the image of a horse. However, horse black and white photography bring something even more powerful and dynamic to the stage. The majority of horse photographers capture the wild horse, the animal in its natural habitat. We don’t often see horses run free as much as we should these days. They are often groomed and also well kept, allowed to run in a paddock for around an hour or two each day. But, photographs of wild horses capture the essence of freedom that we all desire. They are covered in dirt without a care in the world.

They survive on their own will, having the freedom to do what they want and also live how they please. Their hair grows long and tangled and they do not worry about the looming presence of a stall that will encapsulate them. Their very essence is electric, which is clear from these horse black and white photographs. 

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Through the Eye Of a Horse   

So, why is it that so many photographers choose to shoot wild horses. It is because we don’t see liberation like that of a wild horse anywhere else. They run in a herd, a collective unit of powerful energy that causes the earth to shake. What makes horse photography even more powerful, in my opinion, is the imagery of the eye of a horse. If you look into the eye of the horse, you can find a connection with yourself you never had before. The eye of the horse expresses all of the animal’s emotions. Unbound by the barrier of language, you come to understand the horse through his eyes, through the emotion he conveys.

This is a concept foreign to human beings. We much rather shield ourselves from portraying vulnerability to the world. That is why we say the things we say and act the way we do. Horses care little for this concept.  

The Power of Horse Black And White Photography

            “Horses make our heart sing”. There is something magical that horses give us that is inexplicable. Their energy comes through every image. We feel their power even when looking at horse black and white photography. There is something about seeing these animals in black and white that makes the image even more powerful. With black and white images, there is no separation of color, just the essence of the horse. Color has separated the world for centuries, but the black and white images of the horses illustrate how little color matters. It is the emotion that the horses portray in the images that matter, not their color. If these images were to be in color they would lose some of the power they are conveying. 

The Nokota Horses

            This particular image was taken in a grandiose prairie in North Dakota where nearly 200 Nokota horses roamed free. The Nokota horse is a breed of horse that was developed in the 19thcentury and is also native to the badlands of southwestern North Dakota. They came to be a breed through the mixing of ranch bred horses that came from horses that belonged to the native Americans, with thoroughbreds. 

The Nokota Horse at Risk

The Nokota horse was almost killed off in the early 20thcentury by ranchers who were trying to reduce grazing to use the land for selfish purposes. Luckily, however, when the Theodore Roosevelt National Park was created a few herds were trapped inside, and thus they were preserved. The park tried selling off some of the horses, selling them off for slaughter. Many of them were even used as food for captive lions and also tigers. So, after some time a Nokota Horse Conservancy was developed to protect these horses. The Nokota horses are descended from the last surviving population of wild horses in North Dakota which is why they are so sacred and should be protected. 

What Is It About Horses?

Horse black and white images speak volumes about these powerful creatures. If you are looking for large black and white wall art, the energy of these horse black and white photos are a must. Yet, the question remains, what is it about horses that are so moving. To see a herd of wild horses run free is an electrifying experience. It is not often that we get to see truly free creatures. Maybe that is why we are so intrigued by the powerful images of these liberated animals, as we are jealous of that kind of freedom.

The truth is, none of us allow ourselves to be as free as we could be. We long to run with our hair down without a care in the world, the way these Nokota horses do. Horse black and white photography is a great way to capture the essence of liberation and also the strength of these horses.

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