Camargue is perfect for wild horse photography, I have been going to this location for the past 7 years or so. I know what the weather conditions will be like, the smell in the air, the mosquitoes, the muck water, and also how the horses will run through the water, etc. Here, for the most part, I functioned on autopilot. So I didn’t think about the environment or how to take the photographs, things happen, and I come back with decent looking images. I knew I was not growing anymore at this location, familiarity had made me comfortable but I still just continued without making an effort to change.

Before I left for this trip to take wild horse photography, a friend of mine and I were having dinner at a restaurant in NYC. She asked, “what are you going to do differently this time?” It was as though someone stabbed me with a dagger. However, she was right. I was coming back with similar-looking photographs and nothing different as well. So I consciously made a significant effort to change things around and not function on autopilot to achieve my wild horse pictures. Since then, I do my best to improve my daily routines. I don’t like all the results, but I love having variety in my life now.