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FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.

White Fox Pictures

For social animals like humans, the lives of solitary creatures can sound either immensely peaceful or outright horrible. This thought crossed my mind as I was researching where do arctic foxes live for my next project. In my pursuit of white fox pictures, I found myself navigating their treacherous and rather untouched home. The thought of stripping myself from my home and my friends and also family for the length of my endeavor was grounding. What would it feel like to be alone in the Arctic, with just a handful of people to interact with? I should have just asked the arctic fox, he does it every day.

The Rise of Connectivity and Loneliness

There’s a difference between solitude and loneliness,” – Maggie Smith.

My usual life is set in the bustling city of New York. People rushing about, paying attention to their phones, newspapers or art magazines. A far cry from the vast and also uninhabited tundra that I was seeking to explore. Even the average person has their fair share of people that they consider to be their circle. However, even the most popular or social people can feel alone, especially in a big city like New York. Perhaps the experience of the arctic fox wasn’t as foreign as I’d thought.

With social media, globalization and the rise of communication, people are more connected than ever. However, studies have shown that we are unfortunately still very lonely. Just because we have more ways to be in touch doesn’t mean that we are utilizing them. It is easier than ever to speak to anyone in the world. With technology that puts you face to face with loved ones in seconds, people are still feeling lonely. Today, despite this technology we have fewer and less intimate connections than the generations before we did.

How one defines loneliness also makes a difference. To some, it may be a lack of social interaction and also to others, it may be a lack of meaningful connection. The subject of my white fox pictures, the arctic fox, find solace in the lack of both. Humans like myself instead often struggle to come to terms with isolation.

Where Do Arctic Foxes Live and Why?

These elusive creatures inhabit the Arctic, which is the northernmost region on Earth. So what is there for the arctic fox to gain from solitude? After I had been in the Arctic for just a few days I had begun to feel the loneliness getting more prominent. The landscape was picturesque and untouched as if a picture in an art magazine. To a stereotypical city person, the silence would have been deafening, almost unbearable after enough time. But to the arctic fox, this was home. The solitude was a familiar friend and confidant. The eventless snow, created the perfect canvas for the creature to slink into unbothered by those around it.

 We had driven our snowmobiles around the icy terrain for about 2 hours before we came across the little fox we photographed here. As I started to photograph him to create white fox pictures, I couldn’t help but feel like he also experienced a kind of loneliness. Maybe not the same loneliness that I was experiencing in his home or the kind that people feel in a big city, but loneliness nonetheless. 


It’s Okay to be Alone

Seeing his content acceptance of his solitude made me think about how I felt around people. I had come out here to photograph his kind for white fox pictures. After many attempts to find these creatures and asking, “Where do arctic foxes live?”, I found one that didn’t want to be found. Clearly, loneliness and also solitude were very different things. You can be without people and still feel fulfilled and content. Much like this animal. On the other hand, you can be in the busiest of cities and feel invisible. Your state of mind is entirely what you make it. 

Having said that, there is nothing wrong with feeling either. People don’t always have to be surrounded by people or society. It’s okay to feel alone. Many people and animals will argue that it can be great. Personally, I find that being alone is very conducive to my creativity. And it is with this mindset and acceptance that I tackle loneliness, in both the big city and vast tundra.

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