• 17.5 x 26.25 in / Edition of 20
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• 35.5 x 53.25 in / Edition of 20
• 43.5 x 65.25 in / Edition of 10

FINISHING OPTIONS: Unframed or Plexiglass.

Who Is The White Wolf

            There is so much more than meets the eye with these white wolf images you are seeing. The magic of seeing these creatures in person is an experience you cannot explain with words. It is an experience you have to have in-person, to understand the depth of power these animals have. This white wolf pic was taken in the upper arctic, on a very cold morning. These white wolves, also known as arctic wolves, are found in Alaska and Greenland as well as Canada’s Queen Elizabeth Islands. Different from wolves found in the northwest, the arctic wolf is much smaller in size with whiter coloring. These are very powerful creatures who have never been captivated, which made shooting them, even more special. They are wild creatures that fear nothing, especially people. When shooting these animals, the most important thing to keep in mind is patience. 

The Intrigue of the Arctic Wolf 

            So, what is it about these creatures that are so intriguing to us. They live in nature, never to be confined to a pen or entrapment. They are free, living only by the rules of instinct. When we look at these white wolf images, we can see how little fear these creatures truly have. This white wolf pic in particular shows the intrigue the wolf has for the man behind the camera. It does not shy away from the human but welcomes it with curiosity. They are not used to interacting with people because of their environment, of course, but it has never been something that they have feared. The arctic wolf has been seen to approach humans with caution to see what they are about. People aren’t a part of their natural environment so it is not the norm for them to coexist with humans. 

Animals That Prey      

In this white wolf picture, we see a group of five wolves, all very aware of their environment. These are creatures that scavenge for food in their surroundings. They pray particularly on muskoxen, a large hoofed mammal that is similar to the ox but found mainly in the arctic, as well as arctic hares. They also prey on caribou, arctic foxes, birds, and beetles. These animals will eat almost anything. They need to keep a healthy diet so they can stay warm in these colder conditions found in the arctic. These white wolves have a smaller build than other wolves so their diet plays a very important role in their survival in these cold climates. 

A Longing For Freedom

There is something about capturing wild animals that is so enthralling to photographers and consumers who buy those photographs. We have to wonder why we always gravitate towards images such as the white wolf images that depict creatures of the wild in their natural habitats. As human beings, we long to have the freedom and liberation that these wild creatures have. They live by no boundaries put in place by society, solely living by the power of their instinct. We don’t have that freedom, or at least we don’t allow ourselves to have that freedom. We do what we think is right rather than what we feel is right. And often, we don’t pay attention to our surroundings the way we see these wolves do in this white wolf pic. 

 Facing Your Fears Head On

We go through life often with our heads down, afraid to pay attention to our surroundings, in fear of what we might see. These animals look around with their eyes wide open. They face the strangeness of the new face on, rather than shying away. The white wolf goes towards humans with intrigue rather than running away with fear. They aren’t used to being around people yet they attempt to learn about creatures that are foreign to them. To the people that get to experience the white wolf first hand, it is also a life-changing experience. When I was taking these white wolf photos, I came to learn a lot about myself. I often find myself dissatisfied after a shoot.

I am always thinking about what I could have done better, where I went wrong and how I would have improved. However, the day I took these white wolf images, I had a different experience. 

Finding Satisfaction 

These white wolf photographs left me feeling at ease with myself and my work. After the shoot, I was not thinking about what I did wrong, I was excited and satisfied with the work I had just acquired. Through this experience, I came to realize how blessed I was to have been as close to these wolves as I was. I was lucky to see first-hand the powerful energy of these animals that not many will ever get to experience. I enjoy selling photo prints because I want to share the beauty I’ve seen with the rest of the world. Photography takes me to every corner of the world and selling photo prints allows me to bring those corners of the world to your very home. 

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