Early Morning. West India. These two little guys kept on playing on the tree and ignoring their mother. Mom was trying to find a spot where she could disguise herself and hunt, but these two didn’t follow her. Every time she tried to walk away to another location, they didn’t follow her. 
After three attempts, she decided to walk away. But being a mother, she hid and watched them. After some time, the cubs realized mom was not around. Panic set in, they stumbled over each other and started to look for mom. Mom watched them struggle; she gave in and revealed herself. She continued to walk in the direction she originally had started. They ran and jumped on her trying to lick her face and get emotional. 
Mom ignored them and kept walking as though they had done nothing wrong.

Moms know when to pick and choose their battles.


We were in a truck looking for lions. I was so excited because the day before one of the locals had mentioned he had seen two lionesses with six cubs. Each lioness had three cubs each. I was not in India to photograph lions but after listening to this news from the locals I could not wait to encounter them. 
My tracker stopped the truck; I picked my camera in anticipation. When I saw the lioness, I got off the truck and walked towards her. She was by her self, I knew the cubs, and the other lioness was close. I followed her, and soon she led me to all of them. In one moment I had sixteen eyes on me. I didn’t know if I should walk back to the truck or hold my ground. The lioness turned their faces away from me and started to walk in the opposite direction. It was a relief, but again it was disappointing as I was left with another decision to make. Follow them or get back to the truck.

I decided to take pictures even though they were just lion tails. When I laid on the ground to get a better perspective this little one turned around and ran towards me. I got lucky with this image.

Had I quit a few minutes earlier, my luck would have quit on me as well.


Six cubs and two lionesses sat on the footsteps of a very small temple. I couldn’t help but wonder why was there a temple so remote in the forest? Why would anyone go to a temple knowing there are lions all around? I did not understand. 
When the sound of my camera got this little one curious, he ran towards me. The pride looked at me then got up and walked away, as though permitting me to get into the temple and worship. Were they the gatekeepers of this temple? Was this a magical temple that granted all your wishes if you worshipped there?

I wanted to go inside but didn’t have the nerves. Now I wonder if I passed on an opportunity given to me. 
It is so true, “to conquer the world; one must first win the battle within the mind.”

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