We have been overwhelmed and humbled by all of the amazing comments, emails, and good wishes about our soon-to-be-released film, Vanishing Knowledge. We wish we could reply back to everyone individually. To thank everyone, we are offering a selected series of prints below at a very affordable price. We could all use some positivity right about now and this is our way to give horse and wildlife lovers a chance to own a print at a never before offered price. 
They will be available for $199 instead of the regular price of $2000. Please order by December 1st to ensure that it is under the tree on Christmas Day for someone you love. Thank you so much, Ejaz 


Finding the perfect Christmas present or the ultimate Christmas present can be a fun but stressful task. It’s always difficult to find the right gift for your friends, family, and loved ones be it a wall decor gift, a home decor gift or a simple home gift. As the holiday season draws nearer, it’s time to find the perfect gift, but you don’t know where to start as we all want to give the ultimate Christmas present. Here are our tips to make your holiday shopping easier and more sentimental with some home décor gift ideas.

Fine art makes the perfect gift that not only brings life to a room but uplifts the soul such as home décor gift ideas, like wall décor gifts or home decor gifts. Art has such a personal and emotional attachment that will bring joy to anyone at any age seeking home décor gift ideas. Since art is placed on living room walls, bedrooms, offices, and more, it will be a constant visual that one will pass and view daily. Whoever you give the art to will always be reminded of you and your ultimate Christmas present. 

With wildlife fine art like our horse pictures, arctic wolf prints, and more, you’re giving a piece of nature that many people don’t get to experience from most home gifts. In today’s fast paced world, everyone is surrounded by technology 24/7 and don’t see and feel nature or wildlife. You’ll be amazed how landscapes and animals will bring joy to one’s heart and become the ultimate Christmas present.

Since we have a wide variety of animals in our fine art collection, choosing the right piece for someone makes it extra special when considering a wall décor gift or any type of home gift. Connecting humans to animals through art is created by knowing one’s personality. Images of horses often represent strength. Wolves have more of a power and courageous aura. While eagles and owls display uplifting thoughts. So, it’s best to give someone a photo print which encompasses those qualities of home décor gift ideas. 

Gift giving is an art. A single present creates a bounty of emotions. It’s a reminder of love and appreciation to those you give to. It’s even a subject analyzed by psychologists. Gifting shows how we see others as we are “assigning value” to the people we shop for. It’s also very important to give someone an experience rather than something that gets old fast. Art is a memorable gift because it will always be displayed on one’s wall. It’s a lasting expression of love and thankfulness.

A very useful aspect of gift giving is to think like the person that you’re gifting to. Give them something that they themselves would buy. If you believe that you know your friend or relative very well without too much overthinking, you should be able to select wildlife artwork for them. Most people do have an animal that they favor. We offer a wide selection of intriguing wildlife: horses, birds, bears, lions, tigers, panthers, wolves, foxes, puma, lamas, monkeys, elephants and many more.

You should visit our web site ejazkhanearth.com to view the splendid array of magnificent unique wildlife photographic artwork. You have so many masterpieces to select from. Not only are great moments of animal life captured, but a multitude of emotions of their behavior are revealed. You can detect anger, hunger, fear, compassion, humor, rage, curiosity, and love. All of these elements should be considered for your final choice.

A great powerful statement is always revealed by your choice. It may reflect a peaceful, exciting, reflective mood or an electric moment. Everything is there in the essence of the artwork for all to admire.



*A percentage of proceeds from Khan’s exhibits and sales goes to foundations that support the awareness and conservation of wildlife.

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