Wall Art Bedroom Ideas You Must Try

There’s nothing like creating the perfect space for yourself. Your home can feel rather impersonal without your own perfect blend of style and taste. The perfect house can feel like a distant goal, but you can work with a single room at a time. This blog guide you about Wall Art Bedroom Ideas You Must Try.

A great place to begin is your bedroom! The bedroom is often the most individualistic room in your home as it holds parts of you that not everyone gets to see.

So now you know that you want to start with staying in your bedroom, but what’s the next step? A lot of people would move on to artwork for the walls and look for inspiration. You can start to decorate your home around a theme, like rustic, clean, bold, or contemporary. You can even work with a particular color palette, like black and white or neutrals. The idea is to break down the goal of a perfect home into smaller simple goals.

Wall Art Bedroom Ideas

We’ve all walked into a beautiful space that made us pause for a moment. It’s these awe-inspiring moments that we all want to replicate in our own house. Usually, the elements that create this reaction are wall decor, which works together with the furniture and the other elements of the space.

We often put a lot of effort into the interior decorating of a home but tend to focus on furniture and fixtures. Many of us just leave the art until the last minute, hoping that any framed art will bring it all together in the end. While this may work for some projects, it can be better to spend some time thinking about bedroom wall decor ideas.

Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas


If you’re wracking your brain for some bedroom wall decor ideas, here are some that you can start with:

The first things you should consider is what bedroom wall you want to decorate, how big it is, where is your bed positioned, and how much of it will you leave open. If you have a small bedroom, you might want to stick to smaller pieces and opt for a cleaner look. If you have a bigger bedroom, you can play with visual interest and use more decorative objects without the worry of clutter.

Gallery walls aren’t just for galleries, this versatile style can be modified for your bedroom as well. To create your own gallery on your bedroom wall, source wall décor in different styles, but stick to a color palette.

Try sticking with bright colors in a white bedroom or create a gallery wall that takes up the entire wall. You can always leave blank walls to balance the gallery wall as well.

Keep adding to your collection over time by just sticking with the theme.

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What Kind of art for the Bedroom?

Wall Art Bedroom Ideas You Must Try

When thinking about where to put up art, it can be useful to think of the energy a piece brings. Bedroom wall decor ideas, shouldn’t be excessive or loud. It’s better to opt for soothing pieces that keep your mind at ease.

You can start your day off to a bad start if your morning routine is stressful. Similarly, it can be easier to fall asleep if your environment is calm. Bedroom wall art can play a big role in shaping this environment. The right bedroom wall art can embody a sense of tranquility and relaxation.

So it’s understandable that people choose calming images for this room.

Master Bedroom Wall Art Color Palette Ideas

Abstract pieces, soothing colors or tones, images of nature, and vast landscapes are great choices for maintaining the serenity of this room. Blues, greys, and beiges are perfect color palettes to work with when establishing a calmer environment.

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Where Should Art Be Placed in a Bedroom?

What we display has little impact if there is no regard for where we display it. We want the artwork that we invest ourselves into to have the best impact. For this reason, be sure to display art in places that are easily visible yet feel natural.

The best places to display hanging wall decor are above the bed or directly opposite it. Additionally, you can hang two smaller framed pieces on either side of your bed above your side tables to create symmetry.

Always opt for pieces that are the same length or smaller than the bed or furniture they hang above. You can also balance the room by placing a larger horizontal painting above the bed and filling the wall opposite with a gallery of art.

This allows you to have more flexibility in curating the feel of the room.

How to Hang Wall Art in Bedroom

horse portrait bedroom wall art

When hanging art in a bedroom, you want to align it with the focal point of the room: the bed. You can align it with the middle of your bed for symmetry. Use some tape to indicate where the center of the bed is on the bedroom walls. Then mark where the center of the art should be by following the tape up.

A good rule of thumb is to leave 8-10″ between the top of your bed and the bottom of your art. This keeps your art from looking like it’s floating away but still within eye level.

How to Decorate Teenage Bedroom

Depending on how interested your teenager is in the style of their bedroom, you might not have much say here. However, if your teenager does want some help with picking bedroom wall decor ideas, there are many options.

With how quickly kids and teenagers grow and change their preferences, it can be hard to justify investing in art for their bedroom walls. Bedroom wall decor ideas for a kid’s room should be flexible and easy to modify.

You can try hanging wall decor instead of painting the walls so you can switch out the look easily. You can also try using peelable wallpaper that is renter-friendly and is easy to take down when your teenager is bored of it.

It can also be fun to experiment with texture or a cool pattern in a tiny bedroom, to help make it feel more personal.

It is most important to frame the room around your teenager since they are the ones who will live and sleep between those walls.

Is Guest Room Wall Art Important?

While your guests may not particularly object to the art on their bedroom walls, you may still want to keep the same ambiance as the rest of your home. For a room that you don’t use regularly, you might not be on the lookout for new bedroom wall decor ideas.

However, even just one well-placed piece hung in the guest room will have you covered. This space is naturally empty most of the time, so pick something that you won’t miss seeing often but still creates a homey feel.

Never underestimate the power of a single statement piece. Rather than load up on a handful of art, go for one large print on the bedroom wall above the bed.

This way the bed takes the center stage but the art still fills the space and walls. You don’t need to worry about paint or wallpaper with this wall decor, just a frame.


The room where you unwind from and prepare for your hectic life can set the tone for your whole day. Bedrooms embody a sense of tranquility, peace, rest and are typically the most personal rooms in a home.

You want to feel peace and connection with the decor you surround yourself with when you retreat from the world. Be sure to pick bedroom wall decor ideas that help you do just this.

Did we miss any wall art bedroom ideas?

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